Happiness in Color // Diana from Our City Lights

When Moorea asked for a blog post, the first thing I thought of are the little distractions that will cheer her up in this time. I’m obsessed with pops of color right now and have collected a digital scrapbook of inspiration and favorites via Pinterest. Just looking at these colors gives my mood a lift and hope it doest the same for her.

I would never think to find inspiration in an extension cord, something that normally irks me when I see them out. How cute is this to have out?

I don’t know a thing about fancy silverware but who needs it when you have something like this?

One of these days, I’d love to go thrifiting and seeing past the dusty furniture and see the potential like this beautified secretary desk and vanity

Source: etsy.com via Diana on Pinterest

This pseudo-fireplace mold makes a statement

Source: regasny.com via Diana on Pinterest

Hot pink typewriter? After seeing this, I can’t wait to spray paint my old typewriters at home

Inspiration can come in the most unexpected of places- even this outfit. Perfect color combo for a kitchen? Yes.

I’m not an expert on decorating, or have much knowledge on color combos, but I do know this, there is power in color therapy and pops of bright colors brings out the cheery side of me. I can’t wait to decorate with my home, you’ll definitely need some sunglasses coming in.


Katie said...

Love these! I want that silverware! xo

Lolo said...

What an amazing collection of photos! I love that silverware so much. I would defo have that in my house.


lydia. said...

so much beautiful color!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such gorgeous pops of colors! great guest post, diana!

kate gabrielle said...

oooooh I really want the red vanity! SO gorgeous!

Gabbi said...

I love your color inspire Diana! My most faves are the extension cord and the redone secretary desk... would love to make one of those for myself.

Courtney said...

Oh, how I'd love a pink typewriter. My sister-in-law has a vintage orange one. I think I could be pretty happy with a turquoise one too. Hope Moorea is doing okay. She's lucky to have nice blogger friends to fill in for a while.

naomi: said...

what a fantastic post! I love little unexpected pops of color ~ so darling :]

Anonymous said...

Diana, you are darling, as always. Moorea, sending lots of love all the way from Norway. xxx