Inspiring Imagery // Kelly-Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling

Hello Moorea Seal readers! I'm Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling, and I'm happy to be filling in for the wonderful Moorea while she is away. Today, I'm inspired by these images that I found on Pinterest, and I thought I'd share them with you... :)

Are you on Pinterest? Leave a link in the comments and let's all be friends! xo, Kelly Ann


Angie said...

I'm on Pinterest, it's a huge obsession of mine! And a source of inspiration! Here I am:http://pinterest.com/angiebailey13/

I loooove that plaid dress the woman by the horse is wearing, as well as that last skirt! Eeee!

NĂ¡dia said...

Oh, your blog is so full of inspiring images! great selection! :D


Rachel said...

Seriously enjoying your blog!

erinkathleen said...

what a lovely collection of images!

(p.s. I'm addicted to pinning!)