A Jewelry Review // Chelsea from Tea Talk Blog

Hello to all of the lovely Moorea Seal readers that I'm reaching today. I'm Chelsea of the Tea Talk blog, and I am more than honored to be filling in for Moorea during this incredibly difficult time. Moorea has one of the biggest hearts of any blogger I know, and a guest post for you, all of her amazing readers, is truly the least I can do during this time.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a personal style and lifestyle blogger who doubles as a grad school student and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. I am coffee obsessed, and love spending time with my boyfriend, Scott, exploring new places and dressing up for the occasion.

So in honor of Moorea, I wanted to write a post on how amazingly talented I think she is. Over the summer I purchased the most amazing Gypsy crown from her collection, and was kindly given one of her darling book necklaces from a wonderful friend as a gift, along with a pair of arrow earrings as a "thank you for being so patient" gift from Moorea herself (which was very kind, as I didn't feel like I had waited a long time at all).

When I opened up my package from Moorea (all three items were packaged together) there was a sweet note on a pretty craft paper box that she had forwarded from my sweet friend, as well as a sweet Moorea Seal notecard and more pretty packaging.

I am more than pleased with all of my lovely Moorea Seal pieces, and treasure each and every unique item. This summer I have only had the opportunity to wear my pretty pieces out a few times, but this fall I am more than excited to be home in Phoenix (I've been away in Colorado for the summer) and able to wear my Moorea Seal pieces with pride more often.

So if you've been thinking about ordering something from Moorea's shop, my suggestion is to do so, now. You won't be disappointed! Moorea is a lovely lady with a big heart and she deserves your support! Such a talent like her's should be celebrated and spread around the world!

Thank you so much for having me, Moorea. If anyone is intersted in learning more about myself, or checking out my daily outfits, you can find me at the Tea Talk blog.

-Chelsea XO


naomi: said...

Aw Chelsea, this was so sweet! You really can't say enough about how talented Moorea is with her jewelry :]

Diana said...

i'm so loving the necklace on you. whoever got it for you must know you would have loved it dearly! ;)