Music // Hot Bodies in Motion featured in the new Taylor Lautner film!

Woohoo!  I'm excited to be able to finally share that my friends from Hot Bodies in Motion are going to have one of their sweet new tunes in the newest Taylor Lautner movie called Abduction, a Lionsgate film!  Isn't that crazy!?  I'm so excited for them.  As I've mentioned before, I have known these guys for quite a few years, lived with one of the band members and a few other friends in a house last year.  And this past year my boyfriend lived with 3 out of 4 of them... and still is.  These guys are seriously some of the THE MOST talented musicians I have ever known.  I've been a musician for quite a few years and in Seattle, so is everyone else :)  But these guys honestly have talent beyond just about anyone else I know.  I am SO happy that by being on the soundtrack of this movie they will gain lots and lots of exposure.

Here is a sneak peek into their recording session of laying down the track for the movie, filmed and edited by my friend Nate Berends.

And here is a trailer for the movie.  I actually don't care much for Taylor Lautner but Sigourney Weaver is in it!  Random.

Woo!  Go boys!  (Ps, did I mention I illustrated their album cover? :)


chantilly said...

how exciting!! i'm a musician too (new ep coming out real soon!), and it's my dream to have one of my songs placed in a movie. i'm so glad your friends made it happen for themselves!!


Marisa said...

Isn't it so awesome when are friends are successful at their ventures? Congrats to them!

Hot Bodies said...

thanks moorea :)

Maybe Hot Bodies in Motion could use a new t-shirt design as well?

kelly ann said...

YEAH! Go Hot Bodies! This is seriously rad.

Katie said...

YAY! That is seriously so exciting! xo

Anonymous said...

awwwwesome for hot bodies... not a big taylor fan either but the kid has potential... you remember what is was like to have the latest heart throb on your wall give the kid a little credit ;-)

A Merry Mishap said...

Congrats to them!

About the movie, can someone say The Bourne Identity?