My Style, My Space // Colors, Patterns, Dresses, Oh My! with Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee

Hey y'all! I'm Kaelah Bee and I have a little blog called Little Chief Honeybee where I write about outfits, adventures, making my dream business come to life, and all sorts of good things. I also run a little handmade hair accessories shoppe called Hive + Honey. I live in a factory-converted loft in downtown Nashville, Tennessee with my photographer fiance and our two fat bulldogs. I'm excited to share with you my slice of space and style! Many thanks to Miss Moorea for having me on board!

My personal style is kind of hard to pin-point. I'm not sure they make a name for it, but if you asked me to describe it (which I guess you are!) then I'd say it's a huge combination of clashing patters, colors, and silhouettes. I'm a girly girl through and through but my body modifications often give me an edge (or so they say). My wardrobe consists of only dresses. No pants, no skirts, no shorts. I don't think I even own any tees! I fawn over 50's style frocks, ruffled cardigans, platform shoes and bright tights galore! My closet is home to laces, polka dots, stripes, florals and even chambray. I don't dare discriminate! Our loft is a giant studio with absolutely no walls (and no closet!) so we had to get crafty when we moved in. We decided to DIY it by suspending industrial-grade chains from the rafters with a steel pipe in the middle to act as a free-floating wardrobe. (I'm one of those girls who won't wear it if I can't see it). What better way to liven up a dark and drab industrial space than to fill it full of bright dresses and pretty shoes?! My wardrobe is not only functional, but also decorative. It's really the only "super girly" part of our place. Well, that and the twinklelights! It's the perfect match of badass/lady in my opinion!

I'm not a jewelry girl, and you'll rarely catch me wearing more than my engagement ring and a flea market find on my fingers. If I ever wear necklaces they're always from Etsy and other handmade artists. I'd like to say I keep my nails painted but the truth of the matter is that I chip them merely moments after they're painted or I'll bite them so it's a lost cause. And I don't know much about makeup but I always opt for peachy cheeks and bold mascara. I don't accessorize too much aside from a belt and a hair piece because I feel like my tattoos do most of the accessorizing for me. I'm a huge fan of clashing patterns like I said, so this outfit is a prime example of what you'd find me in daily. My closet easily reflects that with each garment paired up against the next. I love the contrast of everything going on. The bright colors of my full sleeve peeking out from under my cardigans is my favorite.

I've always been told I dressed "differently" than everyone else. In high school that was supposed to be a compliment (though I often took it with an eye-roll). I grew up in a very tiny town where the main threads were cam and A&F. My "style" garnered me "Best Dressed" my senior year but I'd like to think it's evolved ten fold since then. Heck, it's evolved since I decided to like shoes back in February! I think blogging about the evolution of my style has definitely benefitted me greatly. However I know there will always be people who think dresses are silly, my closet is ridiculous, and my Jeffrey Campbells are god-awful. But that's what keeps it fun! xo

Outfit pictured:
Charlotte Russe dress
H&M cardigan
Thrifted belt
Hive + Honey fascinator
Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes

Thank you for sharing your super fun closet space with us Kaelah!  I love that you fiercely wear exactly what you like.  Ps, I got best dressed in high school too!  And I dressed craaazy.  I think dressing exactly how YOU want to can being inspiring for others. <3


Jello♥ said...

O.M.G this got to be the coolest dressing area EVER!!!
i love this! and wish i could have that type of room... lol

thanks for sharing! this is awesome and i really like this whole "My style, My space" concept.

= )

Marilyn said...

What a cutie! I really enjoy Kaelah's blog and I'm a little jealous of this closet space she made. I love the shelves, I need that in my closet. Great post!

Katie said...

So amazing! I want it all ;)

Sarah said...

I really really love this closet! And I really enjoyed reading through this post!

Have a nice day!
xo, Sarah

chantilly said...

her space is sooo amazing! i really admire what she does with it.


Ashlee Dearie said...

I love her closet and sense of style. Though clashing patterns would look silly on me, she pulls them off flawlessly! <3

Anonymous said...

if i could have just 1/4 of her closet i'd be happy!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

wow, her closet space is incredible! and those shoes - i die.

thedemuremuse.com said...

Kaelah's closet looks like a shop in itself! Love that she converted a warehouse space to feel so personal and customized. The shoe racks at the best. LOOK AT ALL THOSE JC SHOES! Wowzas.

Ruzu said...

Interesting girl, lovely closet, OMG I want her dresses and shoes *__* great post moorea

Anonymous said...

now that's what i call a closet. LOVE.

est.1839 said...

I can't get enough of this girl's inspirational fashion. Just too great! Beautiful wardrobe :)

Moe @ est. 1839 blog

naomi: said...

love miss kaelah! her closet is to die for :)

Kaitlyn said...

i love this post. i was nominated twice for best dressed, but i somehow didn't even make the ballot. guess that's just high school politics for you!


Mrsink said...

I absolutely love her style! She's adorable and I love her blog. :) ohladeedah@hotmail.com

Joy said...

Her closet is amazing! The stuff of dreams man. If only I had the wherewithal to possess something of this scale...Another lovely post in a great series!

Peachy Cheek said...

Ohh!! I just love her style and dressing area!!!

Thanks for sharing this lovely post!!


Windsor Grace said...

Great share! Your shoe collection has grown by leaps and bounds the past year and a half!

stacie said...

I am so enjoying this series you've been doing. It's so fascinating to see how all these lovely ladies dress the space around them as well as themselves. So fun, always look forward to reading these!
Pretty Birdie Brown