My Style, My Space // Mountain Girl Style with Shannon from Shannon*Bear

Hiya! I'm Shannon from shannon*bear. Shannon*bear is my little blog, where I write about my adventures, my loves and other fun tidbits in my life. I also have a little shop that is full of pretty handmade things.

I grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains where things move slowly and the trees talk. My very first memories are rich with the forests of my area, of my woods. I've always loved nature and I've always had a Native American influence thanks to my Dad. I think those two things combined led to my love of the 60's. Not only the fashion of the 60's but the mindset also. Fighting for what you believe in, a shift in culture, appreciating what you have, great music and well... hippies. My style reflects a lot of that.

I like to wear vintage everything, when I can. I love natural rich colors, but I like to put my own little spin on things too. I like to mismatch sometimes or wear a super bold outfit with loud colors to suit my mood. I'm wearing my wedding dress today. It's a 1960's drop waist, embroidered, sundress. I've paired it with my favorite moccasins, they come to my knee and have a fringe top. I love this combination, it's super feminine but I can still go on an impromptu tromp through the woods if I like. My space reflects this attitude, I have a lot of the outside, inside. A basket of feathers Andrew and I have collected since we got together, walking sticks, and turtle shells, for starters. Each time wanderlust takes me out to the woods I like to bring a little piece home with me.

Andrew and I always try to have some kind of music playing, some of our favorites are Iron & Wine, Angus and Julia Stone, James Taylor and Cat Stevens. Our house always smells of incense or coffee - if only you could smell things through the internet! One of our favorite outings is to go find some delicious incense smells to bring home.

To unwind I like to read in my favorite blue chair and hang out with my sweet Daisy Bear or any other little loves from our small herd of pets. Thanks for sharing this little peek into my style and my space. If you're ever in the Blue Ridge come on over, the coffee is on us. xo Shannon

Thank you Shannon for the peek into your little mountain home!  I grew up in the mountains of Northern California and incense was always burning in my childhood home too :)  Hooray mountain girls!


Natalie Leung said...

wow beautiful photos!i love you dog, sooo cute :)


Marisa said...

I love the use of old TV sets as bookshelves! So cute!

Mrsink said...

I love her style!

O Bella Naturals said...

Great post! I'm just loving this feature on your blog! So neat to see different, beautiful styles!

kristin e bazan. said...

ohhhhh LOVE the books in the old tvs. so cute and clever!

cb said...

what an awesome space shannon, i want lounge and listen to records with you and daisy! your eyes in that one close up are stunning!!! i lOVE how you use the tv's as bookshelves, so clever!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Lovely :)


olive green anna said...

What a lovely space and style. Blue ridge mountains is my most favorite Fleet Foxes song. It must be lovely there.

Pretty use of booksandfun records. I'm going to go visit your blog!


Meanz (Koi Story) said...

I love the empty tvs as bookshelves!

Suki said...

I love this! Gorgeous style, luminous photographs, lovely person!

I love Iron & Wine too (that album particularly) ... For me Blue Ridge mountains is a Fleet Foxes song... an exotic dream to someone all the way over in the UK!

Violet Bella said...

love this one! she seems like the kind of girl id want to be friends with... off to check her blog out. thanks for sharing this lovely lady!