Two Ways to Style a Lace Dress

I received this beautiful little lace cocktail dress from Lily Boutique  a few days ago.  I looooove it.  It immediately skyrocketed to the top of my favorite dresses list.  I'm 5'9" so it was a bit short but I played around with it in two different ways with two different slips and I liked the outcome with both.

How I Styled it:

Look #1:  Boho
I wanted to keep with the dainty and delicate feel of the dress so I paired it with:
Pyrite Ring - Mineralogy Designs
Fake diamond Ring - thrifted
Golden Pesos Ring - a gift
Gold necklace, wrapped and worn as bracelet - thrifted
Creme colored slip - had it for years
Fake leather sandals - Target

Look #2:  Edgy
silver tiny box earrings - my design
Black leather belt - my grandma's from the 70s'
Black slip - came with a different dress
Black heels - Chelsea Crew
Chunky Silver rings - gifts, thrifted, Forever 21
Black leather bag with dangling chain - Forever 21

I ended up wearing the second outfit (I think the delicacy of pretty lace paired with more edgy elements is my favorite) to an event put on by my friend's lingerie company this past weekend.  Well, technically my boyfriend's good buddy's girlfriend is an intern for a lingerie company here in Seattle.  They had a fun little bollywood themed party at a Spirits Distillery here in Seattle, the first one opened in recent years since the Prohibition!  Pretty amazing.  It was a lot of fun.


SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

LOVE the edgy outfit. I like the juxtaposition of the delicate lace with the rough leather.

--- Nicole

camille yanair said...

ooooh that dress is dreamy. i love both looks but the first is my favorite :) i'm a sucker for anything boho :)

naomi: said...

I think the edgy look is my favorite too. what a gorgeous dress! you really know how to accessorize it ;)

Anita said...

At 5'10" tall myself, one of my favorite ways to lengthen a dress is to put a slip under it. You pulled it off beautifully! And I love the accessories for both outfits, too. Stunning!
xo, Anita

Katie said...

Beautiful dress! It looks great both ways, but I think edgy is my favorite ;)

Ashlee Dearie said...

I love this little lace dress! I think the edgy is my favorite too! However, I do love the boho look for summer (:

Mandi said...

I love it both ways!

Ruzu said...

so pretty!! I'm dying for a dress of those.

Liz said...

I absolutely love both looks. You're beauuuuutiful<3

Awmber said...

Wow I love your style and these 2 looks! I love the headpieces that you make and think that this pairs really well!

Kerry said...

You look lovely Moorea - both looks are gorgeous and the whole look of the dress really compliments your jewellery! xo


kelly ann said...

Both looks are SO stunning - I'm in love with that dress!! I like how you accessorized the first look (so very gypsy/flowerchild-ish :)), but I like that you added a belt in the second look. Gorgeous girl. <3

i-zilla said...

i think i love the edgy look the best! the black underneath really makes the detailing on the bottom of the dress stand out!

Miss Kait said...

I love both of the stylings of this dress!! Such a gorgeous dress, worn by a gorgeous lady!

Anonymous said...

The edgy look is my favorite! I love how you added the black slip underneath. So classy yet so chic!

Meagan said...

SO pretty! Do you know what the exact name is? I want to buy one!