Fashion First Fashion Show // What We Wore

One of my besties Allie and I went to a Fashion Show on Thursday night called Fashion First.  It's one of Seattle major annual Fashion Shows and was super fun!  Seattle as a city isn't really into fashion.  We have kind of a city wide uniform of a plaid shirt, rolled up pants, toms shoes and a black north face jacket.  Any Northwesterners, can you agree with me on this?
So Allie and I were super excited to have a little Fashion-full event to go to in our city.  Yippy!  It was all kinds of glam.  Lots of sparkles and leather all around.  LOVE it.  And there were lots of older rich men and their super hot, kind of scary voluptuous sexy younger ladies at their sides.  So weird to see here in Seattle.  Allie was part of the "press" working on a write up of the show for Needle + Thread.  I am excited to see what she posts about as her favorites of the night.

I wore: 
Lace Dress - Lily Boutique
Black slip
Black sweater - Forever 21
Sky high black heels - Miss Me
My own ring and necklace designs - available here
A few Forever 21 rings

Allie Wore:
Blazer - Nordstrom
Plum colored jeans - Nordstrom
top - J Crew
Platform shoes - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Urban Outfitters
Chain bracelet - Forever 21
Headpiece, necklace, ring - designed by me: available here

photos taken by my roomie Danielle!


Lolo said...

You both look fantastic!
I love the bottom of the black slip peeking out from under the cream lace.


Angie said...

Holy wow. Moorea, you should be a model. Seriously. You've got such natural beauty!!!

Sounds like such a fun event and you two are so cute together! Love the faces you're making in the first picture, bahaha.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Seattle fashion of plaid shirt and rolled up jeans. We did get rated 6th worst dressed city according to GQ! sad!


Marisa said...

You ladies look lovely! I've never been to an actual fashion show, it sounds like fun!

naomi: said...

cuteness! that lace dress is really one of my favorites. sounds like a fun time!

Mandi said...

You ladies look fan-freepin-tastic! I especially love that lace dress.

Love at First Blush said...

I love your lace slip! And thank you for your comments, I equally love your jewelry designs.
Let me know if you ever want to do a trade. :)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

You look gorgeous!! The lace dress is fantastic and I love that you layered it over black.

Alexandra said...

Ugh you both look amazing! Wish I was there to dress up fancy with you two. <3

lydia. said...

so pretty! you both look lovely.
you have great legs, girl! : )

Meanz (Koi Story) said...

You look so pretty Moorea, I just love that lace dress and those shoes!!

Allie said...

Oh man, we are such goofs. Love you girl.

jacquelyn |lark + linen said...

You guys are so cute!

Kacie @ A Collection of Passions said...

I look forward to any opportunity to ditch the fleece and put on something cute! You look lovely!