Goodbye September

Meet our September Sponsors!  We had a great crowd this last month.  
Thank you everyone for being a part of the blog in September!
I'm a photographer, artist, woodworker, writer, dreamer, thinker, pilot, rabbit breeder, illusionist, Spanish speaking surfer. Selling fine jewelry, custom-built wood devices, furniture and other inspiring art. Mr. Lentz typically uses all natural and renewable materials, creating without destroying.

Blowfish shoes is one of my favorite shoe companies.  I have a few pairs of Blowfish shoes and that are some of my most comfortable and good lookin' shoes :)  I live in Seattle which means long cold, rainy, wintery months.  I prefer to wear lots of leather/fake leather boots to stay warm and Blowfish has a copious amount of warm edgy and cute fall/winter boots!

Hi! I'm Mervi and I come from a far-away-land called Finland. I'm thrift addict and a jewelry junkie... which often makes a dangerous combo. And I just won't leave the house without my camera. I also have a little blog design shoppe called Design By Wushka.

My name is Mandy Ferrugia, aka Mandypants. I'm a 22 year old craft-obsessed blogger who loves thrifting, sweet tea, vintage cameras, and pirates. I could spend every waking moment crafting and making something pretty. Movies and music inspire me, as well as unique photography and bright colors.

My head is a constant jumble of dreams and ideas and I am inspired by anything from fabric to nature, or just by enjoying other creative people. Dove Tree Design blog is an outlet for me to share my projects, goals and inspirations.

With Lavender and Lace is my vintage shop filled with dainty daily wear for the fashion conscious lady. It has become my fulltime personal project along with my blog where I share film moments, inspiration, ideas, and a daily journal of my life after art school.

I'm a busy Oregon girl who recently decided to stop running 2 out of my 3 businesses, to focus on my blog & shop full time.
If you read between the lines you will know it means I basically am quitting my jobs to craft & blogstalk all day long! I hope this is a good decision!
Come follow along as I attempt to make things I find from pinterest, share recipes (i'm not a good cook!) and possibly get knocked up by my traveling helicopter mechanic husband.

Hi! My name is Lauren! I run an active lifestyle blog called ActiveforFashion. I am a 28 year old Apparel and Graphic Designer. I love my soon to be Husband, Dave and our little Yorkie, Skiba. I love all things DIY and I love snapping pictures. I hope you head on over so I can get to know you better.

I'm an independent artist who is particularly fascinated by color + pattern found in nature, in jewelry, in art... After graduating with a degree in Studio Art- Painting, I began exploring and incorporating everything I love about painting, crocheting, metalsmithing, and history into new works. I adore working in the company of my extra-long dachshund Mr. Fu and blogging under the guidance of Misha-mat Artist-cat (pop by & say hi!). My favorite materials are time, humor, and love.

Hi, I´m Gabby! I´m a photographer, a modern gypsy, a global citizen, a flower child, an explorer, an emotional junkie and an ice cream addict. I love discovering new corners of the world, taking pictures along the way and chronicling my adventures through this blog.

I am a pragmatic romantic and a classy dame living in Providence, Rhode Island. With Care helps me engineer my own accolades as well as gives me an excuse to hoard as many antique jewelry findings as I can!

tiny yellow bird is a creative outlet where I combine two great loves: vintage and a good bargain. I'm all about playing up the silly side of style: finding off-beat, eccentric pieces and working them into everyday looks. Give me color, patterns, crazy shapes!

A great bag for your camera gear can be functional and stylish. This year television journalist Silvia Pilger opened the first online store for stylish camera bags in Europe. She was frustrated when she could not find a great looking bag for her camera and laptop in stores near her. Then she decided to import them herself. Now European customers buy bags from different brands and different country’s like: Kelly Moore, Epiphanie, POMPIDOO, THEIT and Ketti Handbags. Their camera gear never looked so good!

My name is Krystin. I'm pleased as punch to be a new wife and mama. In my blog you will find a little more about my life, the people I love, and the things I find peachy. Updates about my little Esty shop pop up every now and then too. During my "spare time" I feed my need to create by making pretty things that might ask nicely to come home with you;) My creations are inspired mostly by nature and simpler times, along with an effort to find balance in the juxtaposition of textures, beauty and function, old and new, etc.
...but mostly, it's just fun.

My name is Katherine Elizabeth, and I recently started this personal blog as way to share my creative pursuits, inspirations, and myriad of recipes. I am an Architecture student, painter, home chef, crocheter, crafter, collector, photographer, and this personal blog allows me to archive my delicious recipes and keep my creativity alive!

 I like leather, sparkles, velvet, feathers, and rocks. The things I create are magical for me- and I hope they can bring magic to others as well.

Tumbleweeds is a itty bitty wooden veneered sunglasses company out of San Diego California run by Beca, Doug, and our long time friend and new business partner, Shawn. We work out of our home studio, and are opening a store front on September 10th for handmade + vintage goodness!

I'm Alli, a graduate student and archaeologist who loves to sew, knit, cuddle, floss, embroider, take pictures, and eat pickles (not necessarily in that order). One Pearl Button is where I document my creative life and connect with creative friends. Stop by and say 'hello;' I'd love to get to know you!

Would you like to be a sponsor for October?  
Email me asap and we can add you to the line up this weekend!  mooreaseal{at}gmail.com


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too many of wondeful sponsors!

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Thank you Moorea for the promo, you keep rockin it!

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Thank you Moorea for promoting my shop and blog on your blog!