Sponsor Moorea Seal.com in October!

Hey hey!  It's that time of the month again to call for sponsors on Moorea-Seal.com!  I love being able to promote and support other businesses.  I know as a small biz lady myself, having the support of your community is everything!  Check out the ad rates and sizes here.  And shoot me an email at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com to book your spot!  The large ad is sold out until the end of the year but I have some medium and small ads left!  grab em' while their hot!


Carrie said...

This looks exciting! Thanks for sharing. :D
Come and join!
To Die For Jewellry Giveaway


Marsinah {mar-see-na} said...

Hey Moorea!

Very nice jewelry, as usual :) How was the Fremont Market debut? I have been meaning to set up shop as well with a fellow printer, but procrastination kicked in HAHA.