Brights! Fashion's Most Fun Colors

I am queen of the natural, neutral shoe.  My closet is stocked full with brown, black and other simple leather shoes.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.  It's at a point now where I just really really don't need anymore brown leather shoes.  I've got heels, flats, lace ups, booties, tall boots, sandals, blablabla lots of leather shoes.  So I'm official putting myself on a "No More Brown/Black/Neutral Colored Leather Shoes" diet. 
If I so happen to find some good looking, brightly colored, patterned, or sparklie shoes though...we can probably work something out.  :)  I need more happy colors and patterns in my life/wardrobe.  And the shoes above are ones that I am really lusting after.  Yum yum.

I LOVE how Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage styles her brightly colored shoes.  She isn't afraid of pairing bright colors together from head to toe and I think she pulls of the look brilliantly.  Here is another look she rocked with all bright colors.  So, one of my fall fashion goals is to get my hands on some brightly colored, or sparklie, or patterned shoes and pair them with a brightly colored outfit...on a very tight budget :)  I'll keep you posted if I find anything fabulous at an affordable price!


Angie said...

I've been drooling over sparkly pink, purple, teal, etc. TOMS... And I could always use glitter-y heels. And I want fun colored boots! I love color, but am also quite a neutral girl!

tasha faye said...

oh. these shoes make my heart melt! they all look so lovely and colourful and so pretty. :3 i must get a pair of wedges/booties in a bright colour. and Nicole's style is amazing! what a genius she is. :) good luck on finding the perfect pair! xx

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love her outfit - and esp. digging every single pair of bright shoe you featured. gorgeous! eye-candy for me!

Miki's scrapbook said...

What a great outfit!

Hey, if you love colorful shoes, check this store out: http://www.luzprincipe.com/index1.php?idioma=1

It's my favorite from Argentina ;).

Hope you have a colorful weekend!


Natalie Mulford said...

SHOES! Wow, so many great pairs! I love colourful shoes, I really don't think I could choose just one pair of the above image. Strangely enough, I don't own one pair of brown shoes!

Madeline said...

I have those red wedges on the middle right and I LOVE THEM! Get them! :)

Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

Hello MS!
We just wanted to tell you that we read your blog almost everyday and we think you are great! keep up the awesome inspiration and have a lovely weekend!
Slash isn't nicole just rad! wish we had her boldness in fashion.
Love Amber and Hilary xx