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Meet Amy from Lemon & Raspberry!  She recently created an amazing class called Onward & Upward that is all about getting you out of that rut you've been dragging yourself through, helping you brainstorm about your true passions, and then helping you create plans to pursue your dreams!
Wife, sister, daughter, cousin, friend, wedding photographer, scrapbooker, reader, writer, editor, planner, blogger, traveler, singer, crocheter, cook, Netflix subscriber, podcast lover, aspiring linchpin, English literature M.A., procrastinator, encourager…
I am a writer and a photographer offering tips and inspiration for small business owners and bloggers.  I want etsy sellers to improve their product images, I want teachers to improve their sales copy, I want bloggers to grow their audience.  Any thing I can do to help you achieve your dream with your blog or small creative business, I am happy to help you with.   At LandR, I blog tips and inspiration for creative people – including photography resources, blogging resources, and photos of my messy workspace.  I want to encourage everyone to do their best work and accomplish their goals. I believe everyone has big things to accomplish and I want to help them break out of their daily rut and do it! 
I really want to do GREAT WORK and help others do the same – That is the heart of my blog and the goal of Onward and Upward. 

Once, not long ago, someone close to me made a crack about my ‘day job.’
Now, I’m definitely a sarcastic person and 99 times out of 100 I can totally take whatever I dish out.  But this time was different.  This time it hurt.  Not just because it was true.  This little jab from someone close to me hurt because it was something I had been thinking myself and was kind of ashamed of.  She was joking about how what I do for work doesn’t make a difference to anyone.  Which is exactly what I was thinking when I started working on this class material.  We all have work we were put on this earth to do – and it’s time to r eally discover what that is.  And act on it. 

Onward and Upward is a 6-week online workshop that will help you get out of your rut and take things to the next level.  

Through this workshop we will work together and work through: 
• recognizing the details of your life that make you most happy
• recognizing what your GREAT WORK is
• working through any fear or hesitation in giving ourselves permission to do that GREAT WORK
• encouraging each other how to best seek and do that GREAT WORK
• gathering the action steps to make it happen
• … and more!

Who is this workshop for ? 
• anyone who knows she is not doing her best
• anyone who knows she has something more to give
• anyone who might feel like she is floundering
• anyone who is not sure what she wants to do in life.

Onward and Upward 2011 will include, in addition to the schedule workshop material:
  • weekly reads – extra links and resources to supplement the class
  • exclusive interviews
  • private forum just for workshop attendees
  • sidebar column of blog buttons for each attendee’s site
This is really going to be a community where you can be open, be honest, and maybe even be vulnerable.

Onward and Upward is really for someone who are just starting to realize that the responsible career they planned out for themselves is not going to be fulfilling long-term. Or for someone who has risked their family's ridicule and possible financial stress to pursue an nontraditional line of work and just need a support system through the rough beginnings. For  anyone who knows she is not doing her best, for anyone who knows she has something more to give, for anyone who is not sure what she wants to do in life.
By the end of the course participants should have a solid start on identifying their passion, committing to thinking bigger and a plan moving forward for how to bring more of their GREAT WORK into their lives.

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