Shop Update // Autumn Inspired Earrings and Necklaces

I decided to create a special Autumn inspired set of chevron earrings and a necklace for my shop!  I have yet to decide whether these will be available for just the Fall or not so if you'd like one of these items, I'd recommend snagging one before it's too late!  These pieces are available as individual items and as a set.  When purchasing the earrings and necklace as a set you will receive $9 off of your total price.  That's almost a 15% discount!

 I've also added a few other goodies to my shop.  Some of these are one of a kind pieces so if you are eye-ing one, I'd recommend grabbing it before the holiday shopping season madness hits!
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Ruzu said...

Lovely colors :) I hope buy something for my b-day or chritsmas
Great work

Sandra said...

Wow, these look great!


olive green anna said...

I love this little autumn collection.

and they are beautifully photographed. Wonderful work moorea


Caitlin said...

those are lovely. Nice work!

Violet Bella said...

i LOVE every single one of them. i could honestly wear your jewelry everyday (and that says alot b/c im kind of super picky since i make my own jewelry)... i just adore it all!

Becka Robinson said...

Love that necklace!