Black Friday Sale + Gift Certificates

We now have gift certificates available in the shop just in time for the holidays!  And starting on Black Friday until the end of Sunday night, I am going to be offering 25% off of everything in my shop with the code: BLACKFRIDAY

This holiday season, I am trying to buy most of my Christmas gifts from Etsy, from shops that support handmade and friends' businesses.  And of course, I'll make a few Christmas gifts myself :)  I encourage you to support handmade artists this holiday season.  We so deeply appreciate every one of our customers.  For small businesses like mine, a lot of us are running every single element of our business all by ourselves.  I design and make my jewelry, package it, do all of the accounting, communication, and all the other stuff that goes along with running a small business alone.  I love that I get to participate in creating something special for the people you love.  Gift giving is my love language and it is a huge reason why I started my business.  I love getting to create handmade goodies for you and your loved ones, infusing my love into each piece and each package I make.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say an enormous thank you to all of you who have supported my shop over the past year.  I am so excited when I see former customers returning to the shop to purchase more of my jewelry.  It amazes me everyday that you keep coming back to say hello and support me!  I appreciate you so very much.  And just as much, it is so amazing to see new customers  stopping by my shop.  I love meeting new people through my shop and through my blog, people who feed me with constant inspiration and kindness.  I really do love you guys in all sincerity and I hope you have a beautiful and heart warming Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for you.


Angie said...

<3 Such a sweet, sweet post!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Moorea! I'm not sure when, but when I do have enough money, you will definitely see a repeat customer in me. <3 I constantly go through your shop, spotting a new piece I want, one that would look beautiful on Jen, one my mother-in-law would love, etc., etc. You are an inspirational and beautiful artist - and woman - inside and out!

Jenn McClure- Caldwell said...

Happy Thanksgiving Moorea! You shop is amaing and I absolutely love pretty much all your stuff. You are so talented beautiful!

<3 Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a new follower (via VioletBella) and just wanted to leave my first comment! I love numerous things in your shop but my favorites are the crystal heart rings you've made. I hope to buy one in the future!

And I am definitely with you on the buying from Etsy thing. I already have a bunch of things favorited to get for my family!

Happy Thanksgiving : ]