Lucy Chadwick - Similarities

Oh my gosh, I want to be Lucy Chadwick.  I love her style.  I love her glasses.  I love her spaces.  I love her job.  Jealously becomes me!

Here are some reasons why I feel similar to her but she kind of wins:

1.  She is British.
     I grew up in England and feel British at heart, but we moved to the U.S. when I was 8 so most of my life I have lived in the U.S.  (But I honestly think I have more memories of living in England than I do of 3rd grade - 8th grade in the U.S.  When you love something or some place, you hold on to those memories with fervor. )  My parents are American, but they didn't move to England for government work or missionary work or anything.  My dad just relates better to British culture so we moved there.  We sadly had to move back to the U.S. because our family just couldn't survive off of the salary my dad was making in England.
I was raised in a village of 400 in the countryside about an hour outside of London.  I was raised as a Brit and had no American friends until I moved to the U.S.  But I'm not British.  Can you tell that it is something that, even at 25, is hard for me to accept and understand?  I've got to tell you, it was/is a very difficult thing to be raised in a certain culture AS a member of that society, but then moved to a new country where everyone in that new country tells you that you were never British.  Yes, my parents were technically Americans living in England, but I grew up in a community of British people and I truly believed I was British.  I was British but I'm not British.  Still so hard to understand.

2.  She wears glasses.
     I wear glasses every single day.  I've had to wear them since I was 14.  At first I was so embarrassed but I quickly came to think of them as figurative...and almost literal... windows to my soul.  I feel like peoples' eyes are so powerful.  When I was little, my eyes were very pale blue and I thought that people could see into my soul through my eyes because my eyes were too pale.  I still honestly have a hard time keeping eye contact sometimes because peoples' eyes just feel really powerful to me and I still get that weird feeling sometimes like people can see into me through my eyes.  Having glasses since I was 14 has almost become a safety blanket for me.  They feel like comfort and protection on my face.  I think Lucy's glasses are especially cool, modern but still with a hint of retro in the best possible way.

3.  Her style is amazing.
     The facts on this are that if I had a similar body type as her and if I had the salary that she probably has... I would wear everything that she wears.  Oh my gosh she has amazing style.

4.  Her living spaces are perfection.
     I have the most impossible time trying to decorate spaces.  I don't like a lot of interior design stuff that I find on the web.  I'm not really into a lot of patterns in my space.  I don't like a lot of color in the space.  I'm really not into florals.  Even too much geometric stuff just drives me insane.  If I could have the perfect space, no joke, it would be either of her spaces in this video above.  The first space was the peeeerfect minimalist space.  I was OBSESSED with minimalism when I was 12 (I know, quite precocious...I honestly stopped feeling like a child and felt more like an adult as soon as we moved to the U.S. at age 8.) and I painted my room white, got 2 simple white cabinets and put everything I owned in them, and all that was left in my room were the 2 cabinets, white walls, a big window, and my bed with just a simply navy bed spread.  It was the most calming space to me.
I love minimalist spaces, mostly white and clean with maybe just a few art pieces that make the space feel almost museum like.  Or I like throwing in a little bit of rustic woodsy feeling elements.  I love the second space in the video because I've always lived in extremely small towns (besides living in Seattle for the past 6 years) and I love the closeness to nature, the natural simplicity, beauty, and a touch of roughness entering in to the living space.  Ah, I just adore her spaces!  Dang, I love her taste in everything!

5.  She runs a contemporary art gallery.
     Ever since I was a tiny little girl, I have been so in love with art, especially fine art.  Making art, looking at art, collecting art, studying art, you name it.  One of my most precious memories of being a little girl in England is when my dad took me to, I believe it was... The National Gallery.  I was 6 years old, and my dad let me pick out a poster of my favorite piece in the museum to take home and frame on my wall.  It is still hanging in my bedroom in my parents house.  It is a portrait of a woman with strawberry blonde hair painted probably around the 1600-1700s.  I've been obsessed with portraits ever since I was teeny tiny.  Every time I see it I remember that this love and reverence for art just runs so deep in me.
When I was in junior high I used to read art books for fun, flipping through pages over and over, marking my favorite pieces, dreaming of having my own gallery one day.  From the age of 11 until I was a freshman in college, I had my mind set on being a museum curator.  I wanted it SO badly.  I wanted to be surrounded by art all the time, adopting museums as my home, curating shows, memorizing everything there is to know about every art piece ever.
I entered college as an Art History major but soon realized that I just don't have the memorization skills to be a museum curator.  Having wanted to be a museum curator for almost half of my life, and then realizing I just didn't have the brain power to do it was just devastating.  For many reasons, my freshman year of college was the hardest year of my life and having to say goodbye to that dream was probably a major part of that hardship.  I honestly still wish that could be my life.  But I am thankful that I do recognize the areas of the art world where I do have potential to succeed.  My mind was not made to memorize.  But I know that I was made to create create create new ideas that my hands could translate into reality.  I am forgetful but I have a constant surplus of new ideas :)

I do wish I could run a gallery like Lucy Chadwick and just be as all around amazingly awesome as she seems to be.  But I am thankful for what I have and for what I can do.  Perspective perspective.  Her life seems amazing.  But I think I've had a pretty incredible life thus far too, just in a different way :)


naomi: said...

She is so darling! Really loved her video. Her style is really inspiring, thanks for sharing. I can see some similarites between you two! :]

Jodi Ann said...

I think jealousy becomes me too! I loved watching that video...her style reminds me a lot of yours.

helensarahvaughan said...

I am completely hooked on her. I love her bangle. thanks for posting this. your mum looks hot too x

Shewearscrazywell said...

I think the biggest similarity is the clean and pure artistic style that you both share! I love it! My art is a bit more busy....I've always had a busy style of painting, sewing garments, and designing hairpieces. I am dealing with the loss of a pet...and the emotion is pushing me to create something new. Something cleaner and purer. I have an old violin, not worth anything and broken...but I plan to deconstruct it and build it into a wall piece. I can't wait because I think it'll be the cleanest looking art I've ever made. There is a broken clock that I'm fixing to do the same with. I love your style and can't wait till my hair grows out...my reward shall be one of your amazing crowns...we got about 8 months till it'll be there. :) I hope! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Little Lo Hood said...

Ah! I just died over that video and her space! You definitely look like her and have the same sort of style and sensibility towards style. Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

lydia. said...

wow, i love her!
she is super fascinating--and this video/post is the first time i've ever seen/heard of her.

Allie said...

Wow she totally does look like your mama.

I really like her big sweaters. I need to find some big sweaters. Let's go big sweater shopping.

Celia said...

I like the video. You win, too. You are just as beautiful and creative as she.

Teddi said...

wow you do have a lot in common. how open you are! :)

etoilee8 said...

I posted about Lucy as well because her lifestyle just seems amazing. Sweet place to live, sweet boyfriend, good style, cool job. She seems real. Sometimes these people that get admired on fashion blogs don't seem real at all. But Chadwick feels entirely relatable.

Lorena said...

i agree! great job, great style, great taste, seems like a great life!

Anonymous said...

i'm dying to know more about her glasses. Where could i buy them?

fifi des martyrs said...

all of this is just so so sad.
girls - go and get yourselves your own lives and stop wishing to be/look like/some person who is simply paid dollars to appear in a made-to-look- real promo film for a multi national corporation that sells clothes to all and sundry.
wake up!