10 Simple DIYs for Your Shoes!

I spotted some really cool color blocked neon oxfords on I Spy DIY today which lead me over to Jak & Jil.  Since I was already in DIY mode in my mind, I started to see lots of inspiration for DIY altering your shoes to bring something new into your closet.  My closet is full of simple neutral colored boots and shoes more than anything.  So now that I have compiled a list of 10 ways to alter your shoes, some permanent, some not, I am ready to get to work giving some of my shoes a makeover!

Have fun spicing up the look of some of the shoes in your wardrobe!  
Shoot me some pictures of your DIY shoe alterations if you test out any of these simple tricks. All photos in this post are from Jak & Jil.


sarah said...

and another (similar to #4, but w/a sparkle twist!): http://www.sayyestohoboken.com/2011/11/diy-gold-toe-flats.html


Sleepy Darlings said...

These all look like so much fun, i LOVE the leather fringe idea. It would also be cool to do a cap toe covered in glitter!


Ruzu said...

fantastic post!! I always have in my mind to make a DIY shoes, something very rocker :)

kelly ann said...

I LOVE the geometric shapes one... and that fabulous neon? Ohmyword, I think I need to try that!

Earendil said...

the geometric shapes are a great idea :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

these are awesome.