Ringing In the New Year with New Sight

Happy New Year Eve everyone!  I'm ringing in the new year with some new glasses.  All the better to see into the future with!  I just flew back into Seattle yesterday and I was so super excited when I saw my new glasses from GlassesUSA.com sitting on my front step.  They had arrived a few days go at my parents house in Northern California just hours after I had left to drive down to my grandpa's house in Long Beach, CA.  So my dad was kind enough to send them up to Seattle.  And here we are today, New Years Eve, with me wearing my new eyeglasses which I LOVE!
I'm very excited for tonight.  I picked up one of my best friends from the airport this morning.  I haven't seen her in a year and a half because she has been living in Guatemala, too far away!  I am SO excited that she is here in Seattle for New Years and the next few days.  I had kind of a rocky trip home in California with lots of highs and lows.  So I am happy to be back in my current home of the past 6 or 7 years with one of my besties by my side.  I'll be spending the evening with my favorite man, one of my best friends who is visiting, some of my dearest friends in Seattle, and I'll be seeing it all through the lenses of my new glasses. :)

I think what sold me on these particular glasses were the tiny triangles in the corners.  I can't seem to kick my love of triangles and geometric shapes :)  I love that they are a dark brown color as opposed to black.  The dark brown works best with the warm tones of my skin and hair.  And I super duper love the stripe of tortoise shell on the sides.  Plus the kind of retro vibe is pretty rad.  What do you think?
ps.  I've worn prescription glasses everyday since I was 14 thanks to my poor eye sight and astigmatism in my right eye.  How many of you rock glasses like a nerd champ?  Nerdy girls with poor eye sight unite!

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Violet Bella said...

they are so so perfect on you! love glasses.usa!

andrea said...

Sweet specs Moorea. Have a wonderful 2012!

chantilly said...

i totally rock the glasses... i just got a pair from glasses usa too! i *lurve* mine :) yours look awesome!! x

Paislea Elyse said...

cute glasses! it's ALWAYS fun to get new ones! and those look adorable on you!!


Diana said...

you look great in your new glasses!
i've been wearing them since a baby, I was that dorky baby with a rubber band to hold huge plastic frames. Not much has changed since then, still a dork with huge glasses ;)

I just got the Warby Parker Winston but the price is right with where you got yours!

Kate said...

They look great on you!

kelly ann said...

Beautiful, Moorea. They're so you, I love it! <3

Shannon said...

Those are lovely on you! Happy 2012.


cottasofia said...

Wonder glasses lovely i like it and perfect glasses thanks for sharing.
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Kacie @ A Collection of Passions said...

Super cute! I love my new (and first pair of) glasses. =)


Katie I KCandCo said...

Those are some rockin glasses!

Kate said...

Woohoo poor vision! I have astigmatism in my left eye and probably have since I was about 12. Although it wasn't until a couple years ago when I was buying my own contacts/glasses that I realized it was "astigmatism" and not "a stigmatism". Realizations of a grown-up right there.. haha.


Makay said...

I love these!
So cute.

Jennifer M. said...

Love the new glasses! I normally wear contacts but ran out this Christmas and have been wearing my (very old) glasses for a few weeks now. I need to start selling again on Etsy so I can order some more contacts!! Lol. I can't stand my glasses, but no one else seems to think they look bad - maybe it's just me. ;)