What's Been Happenin' ?

When life gets super busy, I end up using Instagram a lot more to document the goings on rather than running around with my actual camera snapping photos to edit for my blog.  I thought I'd share some peeks into what has been happening around these parts over the past month via Instagram.  Do you use Instagram?  Feel free to follow me at @mooreaseal on Twitter and Instagram!

A huge portion of my time is spent working on jewelry, packaging, mailing, and all that other jazz that goes along with running your own business.  I like posting pictures of what I'm currently working on to drop some hints and sneak peeks at new goodies coming to my shop soon.

My boyfriend was a baker for many years and enjoys cooking way more than me so you can often find me posting photos of his latest food creations.  We are thinking about starting an every so often guest post by him teaching you how to make some of his delicious grub.  Are you interested?

As some of you may know, for awhile I had a series on my blog called Paint Your Love.  It was a weekly post all about self love and healing.  And at the end of each post, I would encourage my readers to paint their nails a fresh new colors as a visual reminder that they made an effort that week to invest in themselves.  I paint my nails every week despite the fact that making jewelry means my nails get messed up daily.  Painting my nails is a weekly ritual for me that reminds me that I am valuable, worthy of being taken good care of, beautiful, and ever changing.  Join in my weekly nail painting routine!

Every so often, I like to post little peeks into my home.  My desk is usually a mess, candles are often burning, I'm usually sipping on hot chocolate, and I have an amazing foot tall fuzzy magenta Mother Mary piggy bank.

I have not been very inspired by my closet lately :(  But on days where I somehow muster together an outfit I really like, I try and share it via Instagram.  It helps me remember the outfits I like on the days that I don't feel particularly inspired by my wardrobe.  Ps, my hair is most often in a high bun.  A close second is down and straight (my hair is naturally stick straight.) And 3rd place would be in heidi braids.

Some of my favorite activities are going to shows, going for long walks, selling my jewelry at markets around Seattle, and playing games with my friends.  In the past few weeks, I've suddenly gotten on this major game kick and I just want to play board games or cards or do puzzles with my friends when I have any moment to spare.  Every so often I find myself doing something totally random like being an extra in a movie a few weeks ago.  My friends Phil Peterson and David Drury are in a band called Tennis Pro.  They are shooting a film called Big in Japan with the director of Outsourced and they asked me to be an extra for a scene they shot a few weeks ago.  Pretty rad!  I'm so excited to see how the film turns out!


Angie said...

I absolutely love how every post you do is so stylish and pretty, Moorea. This one is no exception!!! Such beautiful pictures, as well. I love getting a little peek into my favorite bloggers' lives. :D Oh and that quote is *gorgeous*

Finally, what nail polish do you have on in the sixth painted nails picture? I love that awesome metallic gold!

Kate said...

I love this! And I would be SO interested in some cooking lessons from your bf!


Annabel said...

I love following you on instagram, I especially like seeing what my fellow creative types are up too!

Annabel xo

PS. Cooking posts? Yes please!

k.rahn said...

Wow, I love this post! It was so fun to see all the little snapshots and I especially loved the section on why you paint your nails every week - I try to do that, too and I want to keep your ideas as to what that represents in the back of my mind. Guest posts from your boyfriend on new recipes would be awesome! I love to collect healthy, tasty, beautiful recipes and judging by the photos here it looks like his stuff would definitely fit the bill! kristin

Ruzu said...

love this :D great post!
instagram it´s a wonderful tool, I love to share my weekends with my cellphone and Ipod.. if you want to check my group, here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1617351@N25/

Arielle said...

That food all looks so delicious. I wish I could cook! :)


Cate said...

Beautiful photos! I swear I'm going to get an iPhone just so I have Instagram, no other reason at all...

Anonymous said...

That Robert Frost quote is one of my absolute favourites! And I vote yes for guest posts from your boyfriend - I love anything that has to do with food :)

Shannon said...

Great instagrams. Your jewelry is so pretty. I bet it keeps you very busy. :)


Barnicles said...

love your updates like this :) all the jewellry making pics are awesome!

and i really agree about nails. sometimes i find it hard to stop and find time cos im so busy but its good to stop.


LyddieGal said...

Your instagram photos are awesome! I'm totally following you there now!

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