Beginning Boutique Lookbook

Man, if I were  a little a lot more flat chested, I would totally wear the white and black mesh dress above.  The new lookbook from Beginning Boutique makes me wish it were Summer in Seattle asap!  We had a few moments of sunshine yesterday and I was able to wear light sweater and blazer outside.  That's a step up from the huge poofy parka I have been wearing for the past month.  It is coooold here in Seattle.  Give me sunshine and short dresses now please!


Lolo said...

I love the blue top and white skirt in the first picture.
Like you I'm so over winter now. It's still freezing here in the UK though - no chance of bare legs any time soon!

Kimberly Horne said...

The girls look great! I love the outfits and that last white dress, the cutout is perfect!

xoxo, Jjanga

Shannon said...

What a great collection! I love the white and navy maxi dress.


Shikha Yadav said...

i love the post soo much n ol the outfits r amazing. i really want ol of them :D :P
thnx 4 sharing