How I Style My Bedroom

You know, my bedroom actually matches my current blog design pretty well!  If you read my blog in google reader, you probably haven't noticed yet that I did a bit of tidying up around my blog, adding a new banner and re-organizing some sidebar elements.  When it comes to styling my own blog, it is just so much harder for me than designing other folks' blogs because I am my own worst critic.  But I'm really digging the look so far!  I just need to update all the pages and fix some sidebar stuff...and and and...so many things to do all the time. :)
Anyway, back to the main purpose of this post:  Here is a peek into my bedroom!  In all honesty, I really am the worst at decorating.  I attribute it to the fact that I am 25 and have moved every 4 months, 9 months, or at the most every year since I was 18.  I've lived in 10 different places/houses/apartments/cabins/tents/yurts in the past 7 years (for reals, I lived in a yurt in the Redwoods of California for a month once.  AMAZING)  But ugh to moving so much.  Therefor I don't hold on to many things because I hate having to move a bunch of stuff.  And it really is just stuff.
I currently own just my bed, a dresser, a side table, a few lamps, my desk and all my work equipment which lives on one wall of our dining room, and some plates, a few bowls and a few cups.   Plus clothes and a lot of scarves, shoes, and jewelry because hey, come on, I am an accessories designer...Fashion is my passion baby!  My roommate already had the rest of the house fully furnished before I moved in which was obviously awesome since I don't have anything to furnish the rest of the house with and she already has amazing taste in everything!
After I moved to my current home in September, I was at a total loss as to how I should/could decorate my bedroom.  Since I have only been a full time artist for less than a year now, and I was trading nannying for rent for a few months last year, I really have to be super careful about my budget.  Aka, I have no extra cash to put towards decorations.  So I just didn't decorate my room for a few months.  But in November I got the opportunity to test out a beautiful home decor piece courtesy of Soft Surroundings.  I saw this awesome inspiration board and assumed it was probably about a foot tall and thought, oh that could be a fun way to display my necklaces.  And then when it arrived in the mail I realized it was actually about 3 or 4 feet tall and would house all of my necklace, rings, bracelets and scarves!
I absolutely love the way it looks on my wall.  I felt like it has a sort of store front display vibe so I used that as inspiration for my room decor.  I decided to just decorate my room as if it were a beautiful store front using my favorite dresses and accessories as decorations for my walls.  This way, I don't have to go out and buy wall decorations and I get to gaze at my most favorite accessories and dress as I fall asleep :)  And hey, I figure, why not keep my bedroom girly since I'm not living with my boyfriend or married.  I'm free to make my bedroom as girly as I want!  Buahaha...maniacal laughter... Sheesh, I am goofy today.  Anyway, I'm super pumped about this inspiration board used as an accessories display.  It's my most favorite thing in my room by far.
I'll have to show you how I've styled the rest of the bedroom later.  I've re-purposed some chevron material my roommate wasn't using as wallpaper, hung some of my craft show display elements in my room since it's too cold to do any outdoor fairs right now, and have some other tricks to share at a later date.  But for now, what do you think of my earth toned woodsy but girly, but not pink and frilly girly, bedroom?  And what do you think of the super rad inspiration board by Soft Surroundings?


Angie said...

Oooh, gorgeous room!!! I think it's absolutely perfect for you! I also have had a hard time with decorating before, mainly because growing up I didn't have my own bedroom. Nothing was really ever mine, nothing was customized and nothing was designed by me. I think over the years, my artistic talent has started to shine, especially with acknowledging what I love.

I've realized lately that on most of my inspiration boards for room planning, I use a lot of metals, lots of metal/gem/rustic jewelry, woodsy accents (think snails, mushroom, branches, birds, nests, etc.) and bright colors mixed with home-made touches.

Absolutely LOVE realizing this!!!

Tulips & Tulle said...

Looks great - I love those gold shoes! Please come visit Tulips&Tulle : )

Lolo said...

That board is ace! Such a great idea to hang jewellery and scarves on it.

Raffles Bizarre said...

Your room is amazing :D


Yesterday's Sweetheart said...

Beautiful! Love this so much! :)

Paislea Elyse said...

this is such a cute idea! i love it. and that chevron top is to die for!!

allister bee blog

Mandi said...

I love your bedroom! I have a serious case of dress envy right now..

Ly said...

I adore your bedroom. I love the jewelry holder with the postmark back ground. So cute.


shaina said...

I hadn't popped over from google reader in awhile, and I'm so glad I did. love the fresh feel of your blog, especially your header. awesome!! :D

Ruzu said...

I think looks very elegant :) special the board, so clever

Anonymous said...

How can you say you have no decorating skill? I think your bedroom is fabulously creative and very YOU! I love the idea of hanging your dresses.
I use NewsFire to read my blogs so I hadn't seen your redesign. It's lovely!

Violet Bella said...

i just want to come sit on your bed and let you play me songs on the guitar.

mandyface said...

I really love your use of eye catching apparel as art for your walls!

Katrina said...

wicked! love how you hung your clothes and bags. very creative

xo katrina