Attainable Dreams // Phil Cuttance

Some people are just brilliant.  Enter Phil Cuttance.  I'm telling ya, sometimes I really get bummed out and frustrated that I just don't have the time and money to imagine and produce the beautiful objects that I see in my head.  When I see artists like Phil creating these incredible, beautiful handmade objects that are so one of a kind, I am immediately inspired and desperate to create something new and innovative.  I guess what makes a great artist and designer is pushing past those feelings of "I don't have enough _________ to do what I love" and just simply forging ahead, creating a better and more efficient way to keep doing what you want to be doing.
I'm currently at one of those stages, wishing I had more money and time to invest in my jewelry line.  I have so many visions of changes I want to make, new designs I want to create, new material I want to work with, the list goes on.  But as I said before, a great designer is someone who finds a way despite any obstacles.  I've gotten a good amount of work done for the day today and I'm going to devote the second half of the day to just coming up with answers to the questions & dreams I have lying around in my mind.  I love making plans, lists, and goals.  So today I'm marking a beginning to new plans and goals, turning seemingly unattainable dreams into actual goals I can work towards.

How do you turn your dreams into attainable realities? 

Phil Cuttance found via Blog Milk (obsessed with this blog right now!)


allison b-t said...

i definitely fell into that "i can't _______ because ________" trap last year and finally decided this is the year to stop looking for excuses and just do. i actually posted about it today on my blog, funnily enough. it's kind of refreshing to know that people i consider creative do'ers and go-getters (such as yourself) sometimes find keeping up with goals as difficult as i do. good luck to you- i look forward to seeing the evolution of your already awesome jewelry line.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Get out of town! How did he come up with that?! What a cool process. AND THAT PRODUCT, get out!
IN love. Thanks!
Sometimes I stress about not doing what I KNOW I am capable of doing, but then I have to remind myself "in time". In time it will work out, meaning sometimes things don't happen at that moment for a reason. So keep working towards it then it will happen when the timing/money/motivation/whatever reason is right. At least that is what I tell myself when I need to breath about this whole topic. Sometimes I want it all NOW, but in actuality I wouldn't be ready for it now anyway. But when the time comes, WATCH OUT! I will be a creating fool!