Leap Year Sale... 29% OFF!

Since today only happens once every 4 years... I've decided to offer my blog readers 29% off of EVERYTHING in my shop!  Hurry over and grab what you can while the sale lasts!  And hey, thanks for funding my car repairs that really need to be taken care of.  Pretty much all of the sales I make during this sale will go to car repairs so thank you times a million for supporting me and my shop!  I appreciate you guys so much :)  Click here to visit the shop!  This sale runs from Feb 29th - March 2nd at midnight.

To use the code when checking out, click the blue text link "Apply Shop Coupon Code" which is located just above the order total of your purchase.  When you click the blue text, a box will pop open where you can input the code.  :)


Noor said...

I have been wanting to get some of your stuff for awhile now so I should go ahead. I know all the girls here would go crazy over it.

Noor said...

btw how much do you think it would cost to ship to Saudi?