Spring Cleaning

I've decided that this will be the last month that I offer lots of different sizes and prices of sponsorship on my blog.  For March, I am still giving you lovely readers the opportunity to choose from the different sizes & prices of ads that I currently have on my blog.  I have a few medium sized ads still available for March and the feature spot is still up for grabs!  Contact me at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com to reserve your spot.
Click here to check out the size options and rates. 

I love being able to promote small businesses that I love and respect, but I'm realizing that there are lots of ways that I could pair down certain areas of life so that I can focus better on the essence of things and less on the complicated matters of things.  What I'm getting at is that after March, I will have one ad size available for all of my wonderful sponsors.  Equality!  And I will offer one post a month mentioning all of my sponsors for that month, a more simplifed version of what I've been doing for the past year.

I am a very future oriented person, a bit of a worrier, extremely cautious but not afraid to take risks if there is wisdom to back it, a planner but adaptable, a feeler, and a thinker.  It is impossible for me to not think about how my life at any given point, and the little choices I make now, will affect my future.  I am at a point at age 25 1/2 where I am really passionate about figuring out a life path that is sustainable.  I am happy with where my life is right now, but there are so many things that I hope to grow for the future ahead.  So right now I am thinking about where I am placing my energy, how much energy I put into soooo many different things, what can be edited, changed, removed, or sustained.  And that thinking is going into every aspect of my life, my work, and my social media stuff :)  I love my blog and I want to make sure I keep loving it as time keeps rolling on.  So there are ways in which I want to pair things down to feel like this space is more free, more clean, more clear, more fresh both aesthetically and content-wise.  I want to keep promoting other small businesses because that still means a lot to me, supporting my community on the web.  But I want to make the sponsorship on my blog a million times more simple and straight forward.  So come April, all of my sponsors will have the same ad size.  Simple and easy.  It will lighten my work load (organizing, promoting, designing for, and managing sponsors takes a lot of work kids!) and it will make me feel more excited to support my community and friends.  I'm excited to cleanse my life in a lot of ways, and I'm excited to manage my sponsors in a new way to bring a new level of ease and happiness to them, to my blog, and to me. :)

I guess I'm sort of Spring cleaning my blog, my business, and my life!  And it feels refreshing :)  Do you get the Spring cleaning itch like I do? 


Dominik Baer said...

I think this is a great idea. Making life simpler is usually a better choice.

I am offering a free ad space on my blog if you would like one...


Keep up the good work Moorea


Mandi said...

Sometimes simplicity is best! I was inspired by this post to look at some of your sponsors, and I must say, Feathers & Moss is one of my new favorite Etsy shops. Such wonderful and unique items!

Jennifer M. said...

I so get this! I've been trying to figure out how to streamline this area myself. I only have button swaps right now but even that seems to take up so much time and effort to organize!

pigeon pie said...

I'm totally with you on the 'life spring clean' thing. I've been feeling the same way about finding a less cluttered path... its hurts my head just thinking about it!

Violet Bella said...

how funny, im doing the exact same thing starting this next month and posted recently about it! i think its just a point we get to when things become a bit too heavy. im right there with ya girl... on the same track. xo.

{just.lovely.things} said...

This is so good to hear! I'm stopping group giveaways next month, and it felt like a spring cleaning to me too! Relying on others to meet deadlines, then organzing and posting and all that other stuff that goes into it to bring in new fans, but not neccessarily loyal fans was getting sort of old. Plus I keep thinking of how much money in free product goes out from my sponsors to all the blogs they participate in that my goal of wanting to help them seemed to get lost! I hope that this new plan is exactly what you are looking for, it sounds great!