Blog Design // The Flaneurette

I recently designing this lovely minimalist blog for Margaret from The Flaneurette.  I was so thrilled as we started getting into the nuts and bolts of designing the blog because she had just a few blog designs that she was inspired by and I loved their hyper minimalist stylings.  As with all of the blogs I design, I try to keep them feeling as fresh and clean, organized and thoughtfully designed as possible while reflecting the personality of each client clearly in the design.  It is such a special treat for me when I have a client whose aesthetic is perfectly in line with mine and Margaret was exactly that.  I have wanted to design a modern, subtly edgy and minimalist blog for quite sometime and I think Margaret and I were able to come up with something just perfect to suit her needs.
One of my favorite elements of the blog is the little triangle that is at the top of each post next to the post title.  I think it adds a special touch to a somewhat simple design.  Though the shapes are all really basic, I think the overall combination of triangles, circles and rectangles in clean spring colored pastels brings a really unique look to the blog.
It has been fun following her blog since we launched because she creates some really great inspiration boards filled with beautiful things.  And they just shine on her blog thanks to the minimalist styling and color palette.  What do you think of the design?  I have to admit, it is for sure my favorite blog I have ever designed to date!  I'm just itching to redesign my own blog now!

Visit The Flaneurette and welcome Margaret into the blogging community!  Tell her I sent you :)


eef said...

Lovely design! It's simple but edgy, and I really like it!

Tulips & Tulle said...

Love it, nice and clean/simple!

I'd love if you had a sec to check out my newest restaurant review post via Tulips&Tulle!

kimberly said...

Your design skills are awesome! I'm so glad I found you blog; it's stunning. :)

Jacqueline, melon-heart said...

The day I have some actual money, I'm going to ask you to design my blog. You are amazing <3

The Aquarians said...

Love the simplicity of it!! and the "eggshell not white" background is perfect.

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

Love this! You always do such great work Moorea! I agree with the little triangles next to each post. So lovely.