Blog Design // Keep Austin Stylish

I am so pleased with one of my latest blog designs for Keep Austin Stylish.  Joanna, the author behind the blog, wanted a clean and well organized space with a bit of edge to showcase the exciting happenings of stylish Austin, Texas.  To reference the classic Texan style, we used a motif of antlers but updated the styling with some rad designs and embellishments to give the vibe of the blog a hip edgy feeling.
This design was a fun one to work on because it incorporates a lot of features that I haven't used before in other designs.  The blog is super customized and because of it's special features, it is really fun to spend tons of time exploring the blog.  Our formatter and I created a rotating image above the main post section which Joanna is able to update with new images that link to her latest features.  And the fanciest element of all is that we create a Local Shopping Guide which lists tons of rad Austin based shops.  You can navigate the shops by Location:  focusing in on your favorite districts of Austin, or you can navigate by category, say if you were looking for just vintage women's clothing.  You can also find Austin shops by alphabetical order.  Basically, if you are looking for cool places to shop in Austin, you have to check out Keep Austin Stylish's Local Shopping Guide.

As for the styling of the blog, we spent a lot of time playing around with subtle pops of color in the original design, but came to decide that the design looked more edgy without any color, simply black and white.  I think the black and white design creates a great palette to feature cool images for her fashion posts, preventing the styling of the blog from clashing with whatever crazy cool outfit is featured in her posts and allowing the content to just pop on it's own.  I really encourage you to check out Joanna's new blog whether you are local to Austin or are just interested in fashion.  I'm just itching to visit Austin now after browsing all of the events that Joanna posts about.  Austin, you look pretty cool ;)

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a day with kate said...

I'm loving your antler illustration!! Rad design.

Anonymous said...

Sweet design. I love the antler illustration and that you went with all black and white!

kelly ann said...

So. BADASS. I'm obsessed with the antlers. And I love the black/white scheme!

Marisa Chaples said...

I love this. So beautiful. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

This is so perfect! I'm visiting Austin for the first time next week and am actually considering moving there after I finish my Master's this summer. Beautiful design!