DIY // Resize Your Shoe Straps Yourself!

I just got these really cute sandals from Blowfish Shoes.  They are almost perfect except the the strap was a little too loose and my foot kept slipping out of them as I walked.  Instead of sending them back or getting rid of them, I decided just to resize the strap myself!  It is super easy to do with straps on shoes that are either too tight or too loose, and it can be used on belts too!  So today I am going to teach you how to resize your shoe straps with just one super easy step.

All you will need is a revolving leather hole punch.  You can get one here for just $16 or one here for just $8!  If you have ever gotten rid of a pair of shoes because the strap has stretched out or got rid of a  belt because you either out grew it or lost weight, I'd highly recommend investing in a revolving leather punch.  It helps to resize your straps in a breeze and can be used on thick leather, canvas, or any other material really other than wood or metal.  Here is the dorkiest video of someone using the revolving hole punch just for your entertainment.  So goofy :)

It is as easy as just:  1. putting on your shoe.  2.  pulling the strap to wear it feels most comfortable.  3.  marking the spot to punch your new hole.  4.  punching the hole with the revolving leather hole punch. 5.  putting the buckle through the new hole.  6.  putting your shoe back on and testing it out!  If it isn't tight enough or loose enough yet, just punch another hole farther down the strap :)

I hope this little tutorial was helpful!  It's a great way to keep your favorite strappy shoes lasting for longer once the strap has stretched out or if you found a pair of strappy shoes you like that are just too tight in the strap... add an extra hole or two!


Ana Degenaar said...

"SEW" adorable, friend!

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

i need to do this to half my shoes! sweet! :)


Anonymous said...

Great idea! I need to get one of those :)

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

This is great! I had to do this last summer and used a thick sewing needle (bad idea). I'm definitely investing in one of these bad boys.

Anonymous said...

where did you get those sandals? i love them!