A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AND A FREE GIFT! // Updated with Correct Link

I am really excited to announce that as of today, I am a curator for the new up and coming flash sale website Sneakpeeq!  Sneakpeeq is really unique compared to other flash sale sites because it gives you the opportunity to gain extra discounts as you travel around site by clicking on the items you love and peeqing at their sneakpeeq prices. Scroll down to learn more about the site and how you can get a FREE pair of pearl earrings!  Eek, I'm so excited I get to share this with you!

So that's how the site works, super simple and fun huh?  I am so excited that today my boutique launches!  What that means is that right now, I am the featured curator!  My boutique will be open for the next few days and I will be curating my favorite picks from the current sales on the site.  This gives all of you wonderful folks a peeq at what I love most!  And guess what...  I have an extra special something to give to all of my followers from my blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as thanks for signing up on Sneaqpeeq...

Isn't that amazing?  I am SO excited that I have the opportunity to gift a free pair of pearl earrings to every single one of my followers who signs up on Sneakpeeq!  Here is how you can get your free pair of pearl earrings:

CLICK this link
and sign in through your Facebook account.  Find the product labeled "Tahitian Dreams" and click the "peeq" button.  I'll ship you your gift for free!  Don't forget to re-pin on Pinterest and re-post on facebook and spread the word. (I'd love to give your friends freebies, too!)

I am SO excited I get to share this with you and that Sneakpeeq is giving me the opportunity to give anyone and everyone a pair of real Tahitian pearl earrings.  Eek!  Isn't this exciting?  You are welcome to share the link I posted on facebook or the pin I posted on Pinterest with your friends, family, and followers on the web.  I get to give anyone and everyone a free pair of pearl earrings!!!

UPDATE:  Earlier today, the links were not working correctly so some people clicked the Pearl Earrings on the site and it said they were $5.99.  If you had this problem, just email support@Sneakpeeq.com and let them know you are my follower and you were trying to get the earrings for FREE and they will honor your word :)  If you haven't signed up yet, the links above are now correct and you shouldn't have a problem!  Yay!


lydia. said...

I can't wait to sign up!
It sounds really neat.
But I'm finding that neither of the links work. : (

Moorea Seal said...

Hey Lydia,
The links have been fixed :) Sorry that wasn't working earlier! Just go ahead and click the updated links in the post.
xo Moorea

kelly ann said...

This is so COOL! Signing up immediately - so stoked for you, Moorea! xo.

konner said...

This is such a cool opportunity for you! I just signed up because... free earrings, duh... and somehow I also got a free pearl ring with petite crystals?! WHAT!

So far I really like this website, haha.

Thanks Moorea!

Violet Bella said...

totally just bought a top and got the earrings! thanks moorea!

Tatli said...
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bitas said...

ooh =( doesn't this free gift available anymore? appears 15.99 to meu =((

Maranda said...

when i tried to get the free gift, it still says i have to pay :(

Moorea Seal said...

If you email support@sneakpeeq.com and let them know you are one of my followers, they will honor that and will send you the earrings for free :)

Moorea Seal said...

If you email support@sneakpeeq.com and let them know you are one of my followers, they will honor that and will send you the earrings for free :)

Leigh-Ann said...

congrats Moorea!! This is sooooo cool :) I signed up and got goosebumps when I saw "Magic Moorea"!