Blog Design // If I Must Say So

I am so thrilled about this blog design I finished up recently.  As I've said before, it is so fun when I get the chance to work with clients whose style naturally just blends perfectly with my own taste.  When Jennifer from If I Must Say So showed me some of her inspiration, I was immediately inspired myself!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her blog, keeping it clean and well organized but also warm and welcoming with feminine details.  I added just a touch of a vintage vibe by using retro flower stamps to create the flower pattern, but gave it a modern flare by layering transparent digital color over some of the flowers.  We had it finished in record time and I have loved following her blog ever since.  You guys should really check her blog out!


Susanne said...

amazing job on this, I love it! :)

+ adding Jennifer to my Bloglovin´, she´s worth it :)

Leigh-Ann said...

Such a lovely design Moorea! As you know, it's my new fave... jealous of Jennifer ;)

he calls me wifey said...

i'm in love with this design. fantastic job.

Jennifer King said...

Moorea! I'm just now seeing this. Thanks for the kind words. I think the new design is amazing and it's completely changed my blog and my outlook on it. I can't thank you enough.


P.S. I'm also glad to know we finished in record time!!!

Kristy / Wreckless Creative said...

Ah!!! I love this to pieces! :) Love the cheery color palette.