A Quick Hello

Golden Hey kids.  It's a bit quite over here this week because I have been a wee bit stressed because of a huge load of work + my computer has been flipping out all week.  I took it in to the Mac store today and they are shipping it out to be repaired and I will get it back in 3-7 business days.  Right now I am trying to finish up some work on my boyfriend's computer so we can get away tomorrow on an overnight camping trip on the Olympic Peninsula.  Oh man do I need a mini vacation.  I am so looking forward to just driving around the penninsula, hiking, camping, reading, and lounging by a lake!
With my transmission dying in my car a month ago and not being able to drive for the past month, I've gotten in better shape because I've been walking so much.  But boy does it suck the time out of my day because getting to and from places takes so much longer when walking or busing.  My work load has felt extra heavy this month because I can't plan my day as efficiently as I usually can with a car.  But, with all crappy situations come secret blessings like the whole getting in better shape thing because of walking everywhere.  And, if I hadn't been crazy saving to fix my car I wouldn't have had the dollars to buy Apple Care to fix my computer.  I was sooooooo lucky I took my computer in originally on Saturday because they informed me that my warrantee was up the next day!  Yikes!  I basically only had a few hours to buy Apple Care so boy did I throw down the dollars.  And most likely, whatever crazy business is going on with my computer will cost a lot of money so the Apple Care will pay for itself with whatever repairs I need to get.  In this case, you have to spend money to save money.
And you know what, if my boyfriend and I hadn't been planning to get out of town with no computers allowed for Thursday and Friday, I probably would have been extra frustrated to be without computer while it was was being repaired over the next few days.  So taking my computer in today was a really good thing and easier to do since I will be gone tomorrow and the next day.  It'll all work out in the end.
Anyway, there is the update.  Thanks for letting me take a little break this week folks.  I have an awesome giveaway scheduled for Friday and after that, I'll see you bright and early on Monday :)  Have a wonderful week and if stress gets you down, do you best to see the positive hidden behind the negative.


Gae said...

"The Storm is Passing Over, Hallelu!"

kimberly said...

Wow, sounds like an eventful week! Glad you are going to be able to take a nice rest while camping, though! :) Hope you have a wonderful time.

miss teacups. said...

Welcome to the world of walking and busing, it friggin' sucks eh? I know what you mean that it is an awesome way to stay in shape (I definitely think my metabolism is higher and weight stays off because I walk, literally everywhere!) but ya, getting stuff done just takes THAT much longer. That's funny I was thinking that today when I ran errands with a friend (with a car) it took about an hour and for me it would have taken about 3 and I would have been a lot sweatier from the walk home with my 14 grocery bags haha!

Enjoy your mini vacation, that sounds lovely!! I would say take photos but I'm not sure if that's a part of being unplugged for you guys ;)

Anonymous said...

Why do you need permission from Bloggers to take a break?

Anonymous said...

WOW, that's crazy! Amazing how Apple care works sometimes- enjoy the camping, hope the weather is great!

Krista F