What I Wore // And a Life Update

This is my attempt at dressing for the on and off Winter/Spring weather we have been having in Seattle Lately.  For a few hours it will be warm enough to wear just a t-shirt, pants and sandals and then a few hours later I'll need a coat, scarf, and hat.  When the weather is so moody, I usually just wear some Spring time shoes like these cute wedges from Blowfish Shoes paired with a dress and a light coat so if it gets too warm, I can just take off the coat.  And if it gets chilly I'll just whip out the scarf from my purse and I'll be cozy and warm again.

This velvet burgundy coats is one of my very favorites.  It was my grandmothers from the 70s and it has a matching velvet skirt which has a teeny tiny waist that I definitely can't squeeze into :)  I love velvet coats.  I have another velvet coat that I got in 6th grade that is STILL one of my favorite coats.  I remember my dad picking it out and telling me, "Oh Moorea, this is so you.  Get it in a few sizes too big so you can fit it as you get older because I can guarantee you will keep it forever."  He was right, and isn't it awesome that my dad both knew my taste so well as a 6th grader and could predict my taste as an adult?  My dad has good taste.  Props to you Dad!

Speaking of family, my Dad, Mom, and middle sister Alexandra are flying to Israel right now and will be there for about 2 weeks!  I'm quite a bit jealous that I couldn't afford to go with them but I hope one day I can go to Israel with my family.  My parents go every year.  It started off with them doing tours of the Holy Land and, over the years, my Dad started to kindle a lot of friendships with people from all walks of life in Israel and Turkey.  They are two of his most favorite places on earth.  My middle sister saved and saved this past year so that she could go with them on the trip this year.  I'm so excited to hear how the experience was for her.  Through a DNA test, My dad found out a few years ago that he is 1/8 Jewish which was pretty amazing for him to discover along with some other peeks into his heritage, which in turn are a part of my heritage.  Now that I know that I am 1/16 Jewish, I think traveling to the Holy Land in a few years will take on new meaning when I try to imagine my ancestors who I never knew about until a few years ago.

All that being said, I am currently in my hometown in Northern California taking care of my 16 year old sister and her friend who is living with my family, my parents 3 cats, my sister's dog, and house sitting my family's house.  I'll be here for 2 weeks which means I'm going to be missing my boyfriend a lot but hey, we did long distance at the beginning of our relationship for 8 months and managed just fine so hopefully this will be a breeze.  I haven't had to take care of anyone or any animals or really maintain a HOUSE house since I was in high school and even then I was still just a kid living in a house with parents.  So this will be an interesting endeavor being a substitute mom to two teenagers and managing a house and taking care of 4 animals while also keeping up with work for my jewelry business and blog designing.
Since college, I have lived in little houses with lots of roommates and then trickled down to little apartments with one or two roommates, roommates who are rarely home.  So wish me luck trying to be all domestic and motherly while juggling that with full time+ work.  (How do you Mom/Career women do it!?  I admire you/I hope I can balance my life like you one day.  I guess right now is a practice run :)  It's going to be a challenge but hopefully my littlest sister and I can have a little fun too.  Maybe a few hiking trips and thrifting and stuff will have to happen to spice up our lives while I'm in Nevada City.  And I'll be spending some time catching up with old friends from home, seeing some friends from the Bay Area/San Francisco, and hopefully meeting up with some of my favorite Sacramento based friends who I met through blogging, Liz and Katie.

Coat  //  Vintage, was my grandmothers
Dress  //  Tobi
Tights  //  old
Shoes  //  c/o Blowfish
Bag  // thrifted
Scarf  //  I think I bought it at an airport! Ha!
Large Ring  //  c/o  Vividot 
Smaller Rings  //  street market finds & Stone & Honey 

I flew in to Sacramento on Sunday morning and I will be in my little hometown of Nevada City, California until April 29th.  I'm looking forward to having 2 weeks to spend here, working by a window that lets in the loud sounds of crickets and frogs chirping away by the creek that rushes by my parents house.  I grew up in small towns my whole life in 2 different areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains and a tiny village in England, and I was always eager to move to a city.  I've lived in Seattle, WA for 7 years now and as much as I love the Northwestern city, I still long for the tranquility of my hometown.  There's just this feeling of peace and quiet, a slower way of living here in my hometown compared to the city.  Seattle is a pretty mellow city, but it's just not the same feeling as a small town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  But alas, I need the city for certain reasons in this period of my life and if I lived here in Nevada City, I am sure I would long for the city just as much as I long for the woods like I do now living in Seattle.  I hope someday I can retreat away into the woods again with a family of my own... while also balancing the big career dreams I have that call me to the city.  Oh finding a balance is quite a tricking one, isn't it?


Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Have you heard that song "Nevada, California" by the Jayhawks? I think it's from the early 90s. I used to listen to it on repeat.

LOVE the coat and the shoes! You are really great at styling and always look so pretty.

And how cool about your family traveling to Israel! Also super cool about you playing rockstar mom :).

Alice said...

So jealous of your fam! You're so gorgeous, and I adore that coat

kimberly said...

Your outfit is adorable! Hope you have a lovely time with your sister. :)

Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Your Dad is the fashion guru!

Angie Bailey said...

Such a pretty outfit! I love that rich cranberry red.

Violet Bella said...

first of all, i love your jacket. ive been a velvet jacket hoarder since i was about 13. one of my favorite things. and you look sooo beautiful smiling in that last photo!

growing up in a small town in the woods myself, most everyone i knew couldnt wait to get out and move to the city. i did at one point too... but now you could not pay me enough to live in a city. my souls screams for this nature i live in, just like my mom's must have. i can only imagine how beautiful it is in the sierra nevada mountains...mmmmmm.... although i have visited seattle and thought it was awesome. i want to take james to washington sometime, it was my favorite place ive travelled to next to france. if i did need to live in a small city, id live in olympia! fell in love with that town!

great post! enjoy your sister while your there!

 Amy said...

you look gorgeous, Moorea! That jacket is preeeeeeetty much the greatest thing ever. And you should probably wear it every day. :)

Allie said...

Your hair is gettin' so long and purty. I'll miss you while you're gone :(

Kacie said...

Have a wonderful time with your family.


Elan said...

Oh boy am I jealous that your family is visiting the Motherland. I certainly miss it....

Noor said...

I have not saw many pictures of you without your glasses your really beautiful Mooreseal and I love this outfit. My father is Turkish and my mom American with native American roots so of course I love Turkey, its amazing. Have you been?

I ALWAYS wanted to travel but I was never able to until I got married now I have been able to visit many places, I just love culture and meeting new people.

Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful! I've been following your blog for a while and I just want to say that you're such an inspiration for me!

The coat you wore is gorgeous!! :)