What I Wore // My Favorites

This is my favorite everyday comfy outfit.  Pretty much the entire time I was home in California taking care of my sister, I wore these pants.  Alright, all of these elements of this super basic outfit are my favorites and I wore at least one element of this outfit everyday while I was home.  The plaid shirt is my favorite shirt of all time, it was my grandma's from the 70s.  I love the colors and I've never found a plaid I love more.  The pants are so comfy and I love the green color.  The sandals from Blowfish Shoes were perfect for the warm weather that blew through Northern California while I was home.  I wear that purse pretty much everyday and it was a thrift score, nice and simple and durable.  That giant fake turquoise ring was found by my friend at a river or something.  It's bad quality but I just love the color turquoise and I love the size of the ring.  The awesome necklace is from Evidence Jewelry.  I love everything like mad in the Evidence Jewelry shop.  I wear my new ray ban prescription glasses everyday, glasses girl for life!  And that bad ass bracelet is my new most favorite accessory from Beginning Boutique.  I really really love this bracelet.

Shirt  //  Vintage, my grandmother's
Tanktop  //  old UO tank
Pants  //  Jag Jeans
Sandals  //  c/o Blowfish Shoes
Purse  //  Thrifted
Glasses  //   Prescription Ray Bans
Necklace  //  c/o Evidence Jewelry
Ring  //  Found randomly somewhere
Bracelet  //  c/o Beginning Boutique


chantilly said...

this outfit looks so comfy :) i love the color of that ring, too, and your bracelet is awesome! xoxo

CaL said...

What a great outfit! Sometimes I get too picky about my turquoise but I feel like you, if it looks great & it's the right color, go for it! =)

Bree said...

Love your flannel shirt!! That's what I wore today too :) They are always one of my favorites.

Dream in Fashion

Gray Skies said...

That bracelet! "Badass" really is the best word to describe it - it's so awesomely hardcore.

Noor said...

I agree the bracelet is fabulous.

jodi said...

You look awesome! :) I love that whole outfit and love the bracelet/accessories. I have such a hard time with accessories, I should just copy you :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Love it!

gypsie sister said...

Gorgeous and casual, that bracelet is AMAZING!! ao cool.


Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Yep, now this is the kinda outfit I could live in everyday. You nailed it!
toni xo

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Your look gorgeous as always, and I LOVE your grandmother's shirt! Beautiful ring too. <3

Jess said...

I just found your blog and I am so excited! I love your designs. I am also living Seattle and I can't wait to explore your blog more! :-)

sweet harvest moon said...

Such a great outfit!

grace said...

I love your style :) your glasses are adorable!!