New Advertising Options and Lowered Prices!

I'm excited to switch things up a little bit when it comes to sponsorship on my blog for the summer.  Have you heard of Passionfruits yet?  It is a super duper easy helpful new online tool to manage your advertising on your blog.  I have to say that after offering advertising on my blog for a year and a half, I am pretty burnt out on managing all of the little elements that go into organizing, uploading, designing, and maintaining the ads.  It really takes a lot of time and because of that, I started offering less and less advertising opportunities on my blog.  BUT, thanks to Passionfruit, advertising is so much easier to manage now on the blog.  And because of that, I am bringing back 2 ad size options and I am lowering the prices!  Looks like we both win :)

How the new advertising system works:
  • From here on out, I will be offering 10 large ad spots and 10 medium ad spots at a time.  
  • The ads will be on constant rotation so within the ad bar so everyone has a chance to be at the top of the stack. 
  • To purchase an ad, just go to my Sponsor Page and scroll down to where to see the 2 pink purchasing buttons next to the ad sizes.  In each info section about the 2 different ad size options, it lets you know how many ads are currently available to purchase.  
  • As soon as you purchase your ad, your ad will go live on the blog and will run for 30 days!  That means no more waiting until the end of each month to purchase an ad for the upcoming month.  You can buy an ad whenever you want to :)  
  • I currently have 3 large ads available and 10 medium ads available so just click here to check out the lowered prices.

As a jump start into using Passionfruit for my new advertising system, I'd also like to offer you guys 20% off of all ad sizes!  Just use the promo code:  NEWADSPARTY when you are purchasing your ad.


Noor said...

I am such a dork I did not even see the promo code lol. I like this new add thing its cool.

Jennifer M. said...

I just found out about Passionfruit Ads! I had all but quit trying to do sponsoring on my page b/c the detail work of it all was driving me nuts. Now that part of it is all taken care of!! :D