Semilla Nueva, Planting a New Seed

One of my very best friends Anne or Anita, as they refer to her in Latin America, is working for a wonderful NGO called Semilla Nueva in Guatemala.  She is that beautiful red head in the video above!  She has lived in Guatemala off and on quite a few years and I miss her so very much, but I am SO proud of her for the work she is doing. I'd so appreciate it if you took the time to watch the short video above and if you would read more about Semilla Nueva below.  Plus, at the bottom of the post, you will find out a way to help Semilla Nueva and as thanks for your help, I'll give you a free pair of earrings from my shop. <3  Ps, there is no sound in the video above for the first 30 seconds so don't let it throw you off while you are watching it :)

Semilla Nueva means "new seed" in Spanish.  And that is exactly what Anne and Semilla Nueva are doing, planting new seeds to bring greater health and prosperity to their community in Guatemala.  What is extra inspiring about Semilla Nueva for me is that it is comprised of a community of twenty somethings, working extremely hard together in a pretty rough environment (think bugs, heat, storms, mudslides, flooding- not to mention the violence, especially against women.)  They are taking risks for something they truly believe in, something that really benefits the community they love in Guatemala.

Semilla Nueva works with local farmer volunteers, called promotores, to collaboratively experiment on new technologies and then share those results with farmers' communities. This process takes place through the formation of sustainable agriculture groups, where farmers work together to explore new ideas and share them with their group. Semilla Nueva works to help farmers develop the leadership to continue this process of experimentation, innovation, and organization even after the organization has left. 

Anne is currently spearheading a fundraising campaign with the aim of generating enough money to purchase and plant pigeonpea seed.  This bean crop is really innovative and exciting for the farmers in Guatemala.  Pigeonpea or Gandul, is a bean Semilla Nueva is introducing to the community.  It can be planted in between farmers already existing corn or sesame rows during the growing season and help farmers grow between 300 and 1400 more pounds of high protein food per acre, increasing farmers' income and the availability of the nutrients necessary to reduce childhood malnutrition which stunts the growth of nearly half the country's children.  It also acts as a natural green manure which means that farmers won’t have to spend as much money on fertilizer.  Guatemalan soils have been deteriorating for generations due to unsustainable farming practices and pigeonpea will help naturally put nutrients back into the soil!  Awesome.

I would so appreciate it if you guys would check out the Semilla Nueva Pigeonpea fundraiser.  If you would just take a moment to check it out and donate just a few dollars to the fundraiser, I would appreciate it so much.  I so want my friend's project to be successful for her community in Guatemala and if you guys would be willing to donate a few dollars to the project, I will gift you a free pair of tiny triangle earrings from my shop.  Yep, I really want to help her in this fundraiser and I'd be so happy to donate lots of earrings as thanks for you guys donating.  So please consider donating even just a few bucks and Anne & I are so grateful for your contribution!  If all of my blog followers donated just a buck or two, the fundraiser would be fulfilled in a hot minute!

To make sure I get your address so I can send you your free earrings when you donate to the Pigeonpea fundraiser, leave your address in the comment section which shows up when you click the donate button on the Fundraiser Page.  Make sure to also leave a note in the comment section saying, "I'm a friend of Moorea."  Thank you guys, I'm so excited to see this fundraiser succeed!


Anne Elysabethe Barkett said...

Gracias, Moorea! I <3 you.

Melissa J Moller said...

What a great project and I am glad I could help just a bit! I love Guatemala and am glad there are amazing people trying to the farmers there. Guatemala is extremely special to me because all my family lives there and I am glad I can help the people that are trying to help fellow Guatemalans! Thank you!

Ruzu said...

guatemala are my vecinos or neighbors, I am from EL Salvador
great work of Anita.