A Very Special Song. Very Special Words. A Very Special Pair

Yesterday, my sweet friends Jessica and Josh McBride got married.  Do you know why this song by The Head and the Heart is so special on this weekend of all weekends?  Because this song all began with a poem that Jessica wrote for/about Josh.  Jes' talented best friend Erin collaborated with Josiah of The Head and The Heart to turn the poem into a song some time ago and that brings us to this video of The Head and the Heart performing it in the woods of Germany.  I met Josiah and Erin a few years ago through Jes, and man are they some talented and loving friends.  Erin got married a few weeks ago too so it is pretty amazing that she and Jes got to trade off playing maid of honor to each other in this season together. 

I was so incredibly honored when Jes called me last year to ask me to be one of her bridesmaids.  She and I worked at an amazing camp called Camp Hammer in Santa Cruz, California in 2008 and have been friends ever since.  She and Erin actually moved to Seattle together after camp for a year and I felt pretty lucky to have her in the same city as me for that year before she journeyed on to New York.  There really is no one like her.  Her attention to detail is incredible.  Her mind is this magical world filled with a powerful intelligence, a vibrant imagination, and a constant rhythm of deep questions, quandaries, and answers.  I can sincerely say I have never met anyone like her.  She truly is a magical being whose childlike fascination with the world and the people in it is matched with an old soul's wisdom, patience, and compassion.  What a rare treasure.

When we were working at camp together, Jes had started a correspondence of letter writing back and forth with Josh while he was in Alaska for the summer.  It was through these letters that they found a deep bond with one another, spurring questioning and thought in each others minds, and gently falling for one another in the deepest seats of their hearts.  Jes is a beautiful writer and I just think it is so special that Josiah and Erin were sweet enough to create this gorgeous song out of Jes' poem, and that Josiah resonated with it so much that he recorded it with his talented bandmates.

I have to tell you, Jes and Josh's wedding was one of the most unique, creative, love filled, raw, and dreamy weddings I have ever been too.  Like I said before, Jes' attention to detail is like no other.  The wedding itself felt like an epic adventure, a journey filled with poignant twists and turns, perfectly reflecting the journey that Jes and Josh took in their relationship together.  Each of us bridesmaids carried an "artifact" in the wedding that represented a significant element of Jes and Josh's relationship.  And I was so honored to carry the "Alaska Letters,"  The stack of 40 something letters shared between Jes and Josh that summer of 2008.  That was really humbling and special to me that Jes would have me carry those letters because they signify so much in their relationship;  communication, growth, commitment, adventure, progression, and so much more.  Holding onto those letters during the wedding ceremony was a really powerful experience for me because I was both witnessing the new adventure they were embarking on as husband and wife along with constantly reflecting on how their first journey began together through these letters.  It was magic.

To my wonderful friend Jes, I am so incredibly happy for you.  The story of your journey into love with Josh is like no other.  It is an epic adventure, it is filled with learning and growth, challenges and hurdles, it is filled with physical journeys across not only the US but the world itself, it is a story of persistence and a belief in greater truth, a living poem of love, trust, faith, dreams, commitment and community.  Thank you so much for including me in your wedding.  The communal love I felt, gained, and gave among friends and the love I saw filling up the air between your community and you and Josh was just a one of a kind mesmerizing vision.  I love that you live in reality, you live in truth, you think with logic, you process with discernment, and amidst all of those workings of the mind, I see the most magical and dreamlike person in all that you are.  Both you and Josh in your elusive and adventurous natures have hunted and captured rare stars that burn brightest when they are side by side.  Together, you are wranglers of the universe.  Your course is uncharted and all the more enticing.  I am so excited to see where your new adventure together leads you in your entwined but distinct lives.  I am so proud of you both, I love you dearly, and I am honored to be your friend.  Happy wedding weekend Jessica and Josh McBride.  May your life together be filled with music, adventure, truth, and love.

Ps, if you haven't seen Jes & Josh's engagement video before, filmed and edited by the ever talented Adam Sjoberg, here it is.  By this video, you can definitely see that Josh is as equally creative, adventurous, thought filled, and dedicated as Jes is.  What a magical pair.  (The actual documentation of the engagement adventure starts around the 4 minute mark.  But I recommend watching it the full way through :)


Sarah Weickhardt said...

That engagement video was AWESOME!!! Seriously amazing, creative stuff going on in that!


Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves said...

2 mega awesome videos I have come over all wobbly now - thank you for sharing

Take Care
Nicolette xo

Natalie Mitchell said...

Oh my goodness! this just might be the very best blog post ever! i love the Head and the Heart, they are one of my all time favorite bands. I think the story behind this song about your friends is so beautiful. Their video is so inspiring and magical. I love it all, thank you for sharing this story.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

wow... what an absolutely amazing video capturing this event in their lives. he is definitely quite a thoughtful one :) and what an amazing pair they make. a beautiful life to the bride and groom!