What I Wore // Gumby Legs

I think this is the most amount of outfit posts I have ever done within the span of two or three weeks!  Well right now I am just insanely busy with catching up on work after being substitute mom to my sister and her friend for two weeks while my parents were in Israel.  Good lord, after that experience of running a house, taking care of two teens, 3 cats, and a dog for two weeks, while also attempting to work as many hours as I normally do, I have even more admiration for you single moms out there trying to raise your kids and work a full time job.  It is insanely hard and I really applaud you for all do.  I now have so much work to catch up on because I really couldn't stay on top of it all for those two weeks.  Outfit posts seem to be the easiest thing for me to do right now to keep things rolling on the blog so I hope you are cool with seeing more outfit posts in the coming weeks!
This outfit was a bit of a fail.  I layered on some clothes and a purse and started snapping photos but when I looked and the photos I though, YIKES this outfit looks weird in a not cool or fun way, more awkward.  So I changed my shoes, buttoned up my sweater and got rid of the neon purse, as cute as it is.  Which left me with this outfit.  Now let me tell you, trying to pose in a way that didn't make my legs look really strange was a bit hard in this maxi skirt.  Hence the above jumping shot which happened after a string of photos that just looked like my legs had turned into alien limbs which were contorting and stretching in the strangest ways under the jersey skirt.  Despite this skirt from I Wear Sin looking so weird in photos, I still like wearing it.  Though my boyfriend was so confused by it when he saw me wearing it, haha.  He thinks it looks like a sweatpants skirt which I guess I can see but whatever. :)  I'm 5'9" and the skirt is a bit short on me for a maxi.  I'd recommend it for girls who are around 5'5".

I am totally in love with this scarf though from Amber Kane.  Amber hand weaves all of these beautiful patterns on her own loom and I am so incredibly impressed with her craftsmanship, creativity, and innovative ideas.  This scarf is really rad because it's not actually an infinity scarf but can be styled as one.  It has a few magnets embedded in each end of the scarf so you can wrap the scarf and connect it in tons of different ways.  Such an awesome idea.  And I adore the colors!  Warm tones are my favorite and these colors feel like love, don't you agree?

Scarf  //  c/o Amber Kane
Sweater  //  H&M
Glasses  //  Prescription Ray Bans
Tank top  //  Kmart, yep it's just a small mens cheapo tank
Skirt  //  c/o  I Wear Sin
Shoes  //  really old Converse


Allie said...

Love the long skirt on you!

Annelda said...

This is exactly the sort of outfit I wear everyday for class because of the class dress code we have. Need a skirt that covers my knees, so I wear a comfy long grey skirt. Need a modest neckline and sleeves so I wear a sweater and a scarf. I love sleep so I stay in bed til the last possible minute which means my hair is often pulled on top of my head into a top knot. I am a fan of this.

Justine said...

Such a cute outfit! I wish I wasn't too short for maxi skirts, because this outfit looks so incredibly comfortable.

Sara S ♥ said...

I love the pic of you jumping in the air! So fun! That scarf is so cool! Love the idea of putting magnets in there!

CleverPlumage (Hillery Sawyer) said...

Wow that scarf is really amazing. I love that she weaves them and the magnets, that is just plain genius. I too love that jumping photo. Classic. (:

brianne said...

That photo is so fun! And that skirt looks suuuper comfy. Love the pop of color in the scarf. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I too have noticed how tricky it is to take a good photograph while you're wearing a maxi skirt. They just make my legs look so strange. I think these pics of you are lovely though, and that scarf is fantastic.

Nicki Corridoni said...

well you just gave me a reason to want to start weaving. great.


Katrina said...

you look absolutely LOVELY!


tank top dress said...

The long skirt looks so good on you!