Bohemian Godess - Kinsey

I love seeing how different people style my jewelry.  I have loved Kinsey's style posts ever since she started blogging and I'm a huge fan of the image above featuring one of my amethyst rings.  It makes me want to throw my work to the wind and go play in a field in the sun.  She has such a true dreamy whimsical bohemian spirit with how she styles herself.   And her DIYs are so perfect for you boho ladies too!  I've got a few of her DIYs on my list of "Must Try" this summer :)  In addition to her styling and DIY skills, she takes some pretty dreamy photos too.  She's a creative champion.

Check out Kinsey's blog here!


miss teacups. said...

What a beautiful woman Kinsey is...her style is flawless and your jewellery matches her style so beautifully!

Kacie // A Collection of Passions said...

She's super lovely. I just started following her blog recently too. Thanks for sharing.


kimberly said...

I love her blog!! She's certainly a creative campion and a beautiful person. :) Your amethyst ring is simply gorgeous, too!

tara polly said...

i wanna scream over these photos -- GORGEOUS, and made even more so with your incredible creations. love love love!

Angie Bailey said...

What a gorgeous lady with amazing style!!!

Arra Abella said...

Wow she styled it pretty well!