Playlist: Summer Jams

Summer Jams by Kendall Goodwin on Grooveshark

When I was a student, from elementary school all the way up through college, summer was always a magical time. Summer meant that I was finally free from the shackles of homework and teachers and other education-imposed restraints, and I could almost feel a weight being lifted from my shoulders and replaced with that palpable lightness of FREEDOM, like my life was mine and mine alone and anything was possible. Now that I'm a "grown up"  and have a full-time job, summer isn't really that different from the rest of the year, but I still inexplicably feel the same amount of anticipation and adoration for that time of year as I did when I was in school. And that is the beauty of summer: no matter how old you are, somehow it always retains that aura of magic, of freedom and possibility and fun. My summer daydreams alternate between technicolor and sepia, and the music that haunts my ear buds in the summertime is proof. It's all upbeat and carefree and embodies the vibrant but relaxed environs of bonfires and outdoor parties and sun-drenched days spent splashing around in a small body of water; but, alternately, it's all lilting and languid and has a warm glow, like road tripping across state lines or sipping lemonade on the front porch at dusk. Those scenes of summer perfection, even if just a daydream, feel so real and so close in these songs that I can't help but play them again and again and hold out hoping for the best summer ever. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I love Aeroplane over the sea, it played at my wedding and every time I hear it I think of that sweet day! xo

 Amy said...

Kendall, we are soul sisters. I've always known it, but still. It's like you and I share the same musical brain. I love you for it.