Shop Update: Bohemian Summer

New Headpieces are now in the shop!  Which one strikes your fancy?
I had quite a few people emailing me asking about headpieces after the Bohemian Collective launched.  So here are some new ones to quench your thirst!  I'll be working on more during the summer as well of course.  Everyone needs a little bohemian headpiece for summer festivals, don't you think?


Ashlee Dearie said...

I love the first one! So pretty and wonderful! <3

Heather {Madrona Studio} said...

I'm especially in love witht he first and the last ones pictured here. You look lovely wearing them I might add ;)

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

These are so beautiful! I think the first one would have to be my favourite. I love the colours in the chain, they look very natural against your hair colour. :)

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Wow absolutely beautiful... want them all!


Kacie said...

Love it! That one reminds of the Chanel C's and there's nothing wrong with that!