These Are a Few of My Favorite Things // #1

I thought it might be fun this summer to share some of my favorite things every so often in a series of posts called These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.  Everyone loves a good Sound of Music reference, right? :)  Right now, these are my most favorite things.  The scarf pictured above and below is from from a wonderful organization called FashionABLE.  FashionABLE sells handmade Ethiopian scarves that create sustainable business for women in Africa, women who were formally on the streets as a necessity in order to eat and send their kids to school.  The women are now able to provide for their families and have confidence and dignity in their work by working with FashionABLE.  Some of the women who make the scarves have been through horrific experiences because of lack of funds and now through FashionABLE, they find their work empowering.  You can read more about the women's stories here.  I think this organization is so inspiring and encouraging.  And each scarf has been named after each of the women who make the scarves!  Go girls!

These shoes and this backpack are my go to staples right now.  They are both from this really rad website called Ethical Ocean which kind of functions like Etsy but only sells ethically made and eco friendly products.  I'll be honest in that I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to research what products being sold on the web and in stores are ethically made.  I am not vegan/vegetarian and I do prefer real leather rather than pleather when it comes to bags and shoes, but I do really care about the treatment of animals.  I am always excited when I find products that are beautifully designed, well made, durable, and have something about them that encourages recycling, up-cycling, or/and an ethical awareness and Ethical Ocean makes it super easy to find those goodies!
With each product that is listed on Ehtical Ocean, it explains how this product is eco friendly.  For example, this backpack by Matt & Nat, has an interior lining that was made from 21 100% recycled plastic bottles!  So rad.  It's also non-toxic and 100% vegan.  The quality of the vegan leather is really really nice and you can't even tell it's not real leather.  I LOVE this backpack.  Since I walk to my workspace everyday, I prefer using a backpack to haul my laptop, lunch, and whatever else I need for the day to and from my studio.  And this backpack is super durable.
These shoes by Neuaura are so pretty and I'm for sure going to be wearing them a lot this summer.  They are a really soft vegan friendly material and are made in an ethical, sweatshop free factory in China.  I love that the site explains in detail how they are made ethically.  It makes me feel more encouraged to wear the backpack and shoes over some of my other bags and shoes.

What are a few of your favorite things right now?


Anonymous said...

I love doing posts on my blog like this too, I am loving that scarf, so beautiful and with such a nice meaning behind it too! xx

Arra Abella said...

I love to do this! Thank you for sharing! You actually made me sing! I love Sound of Music si much that seeing a post dedicated to it made me happy!


Olive Green Anna said...


I appreciate your thoughtfulness and awareness in this post. It is interesting to me that these things because of their back story, really have become a preference to you. I feel the same about many of my vintage items. Knowing that I am reusing them and giving them anther life feels really good compared to my other items in the closet that surely were made by poor people in terrible conditions.

Thank you for sharing your insights and your delights.


ellareiss said...

I am always excited when i find products that are beautifully designed well made durable and have something about them that encourages recycling up-cycling or and an ethical awareness and ethical ocean makes it super easy to find those goodies.
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Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I'm obsessed with those shoes! So perfect for summertime! And what a great organization!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

miss teacups. said...

That backpack is awesome!! Same with the nailpolish colour :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! I LOVE your style!!-Alicia Misener

Erika said...

I love those shoes! :)


MaeLiveFree said...

What polish is on your toes? That might be the prettiest pink polish I've seen. :D