DIY Indoor Herb Gardens

Something I will miss about living with my roommate Danielle is that she is a crazy plant hoarder.  And I mean that in the best sense :)  She loves plants so much that we have lots of little succulents, terrariums, and leafy greens scattered throughout our house.  We have at least 10 potted plants and succulents scattered down the side of our front step.  And on the side and back of the house she has even more plants and plants and plants.  One of my goals for my new apartment with my boyfriend is to bring in plants into our space, because I love seeing all of that green, but without letting it get too cluttered.  Danielle does a good job of not letting the plant population of our house look like a green infestation so I'll just need to take notes from her.

One thing that Max and I would love to have is a little indoor herb garden.  I have spotted lots of cool DIY herb gardens on Pinterest so I thought I'd share some of my favorite inspirations:

1.  Table Top Herb Planter Box by Migonis Home:  make a custom planter box to set on top of a table as a centerpiece out of palette scrap wood!  I think this is a great way to create an organic table decoration that will last a long time and is useful!
2.  Side table Planter Box from Terrain:  I think this could be easily duplicated on a budget.  If you have a table that has a glass top and a bar or shelf underneath, just lay a few planks of wood on the bar or shelf and put all of your favorite succulents, herbs, and plants in pots underneath!
3.  Jar Wall Hanging by Camille Styles:  use pipe clamps to attach mason jars to a plank of wood.  Fill the mason jars with your favorite herbs and hang on the wall and you are good to go!
4.  Indoor Hanging Pots by Compagnie:  I think this actually wouldn't be too difficult to make on your own.  Just constructs some little racks with wood to hold your pots, attach strong wire through each of the wooden racks and then hang from the ceiling with metal hooks!
5.  Specialty Herb Pots by Saga Form:  There are tons of specialty indoor herb growing pots and planters around these days.  So if you're not in the mood to DIY an herb planter, these are for you!  I spotted a fun one on Fab today which I think is still available.

Let me know if any of you end up making your own herb planters, I want to see how they turn out!  If I end up making one, I'll for sure do a little DIY on the blog :)  Happy planting!


size too small said...

love the table top herb planter box. favorite.

Moorea Seal said...

Isn't that so cute?! I feel like it would be so easy to replicate, don't you think?
xo moorea

Anonymous said...

i love the wooden planter box and the glass jar planters! i want them both on my patio. we keep a small potted rose bush and bamboo (floating in water) on our kitchen window ledge, but i really want to fill our balcony with plants. i especially want a little herb garden so i can have fresh herbs for cooking!

Lauren said...

i'm partial to the jar wall hanging. that gets my vote! i hope you post whatever you end up coming up with!

she. said...

these are wonderful ideas. there is nothing like having access to fresh herbs, which id very hard to come in Canada during the winter months. this way you can grow them in your home all year long.

Moorea Seal said...

Ooh that sounds awesome! I am totally excited to building some sort of planter to put on our little balcony. It's all about working with the space you have. I'll try and do a DIY on how to make a planter box for a balcony and hopefully it'll be useful for you too! :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thanks Lauren! Yea, my boyfriend and I LOVE those too. We just need to figure out a safe way to drill holes in the mason jar bottoms so the dirt can breathe. Time to get creative!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

totally! You can create a cute little herb garden in your house in so many different ways! it just needs some sunlight by a window and a bit of water. I think it helps to feel a little less cooped up in the winter too to see plants growing in your space.
xo Moorea

Katie said...

Great ideas here Moorea, I love growing herbs at home. YUMMY! Do you know about Woolly Pockets? I wrote about them on my blog here:


They are the ultimate thing for growing healthy herbs!

Katie. xxx

Moorea Seal said...

Ooh those wooly pockets might be great for our porch! Thanks for the recommendation!
Xo Moore

me said...

I would love an herb garden as well, I come from an Italian family, and we always had fresh herbs and fresh veggies, especially tomatoes for our sauce :)

iamyoursforever said...

nice blog xx :))

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Lilah said...

Love these herb growing ideas. I too am a plant hoarder and love growing herbs also.

Altaner said...

Tak til deling ..!


Sunshine Coast Bookkeeper said...

You will always be thankful with your roommate for training you to be a nature lover. The "Jar Wall Hanging" is a perfect idea to follow.