Boutine + Social Media Thoughts

I have a feeling I might become a little bit addicted to this new site called Boutine.  It is kind of a mixture between Pinterest and Polyvore.  Wanna check it out?  Here is in invite link!  I'm going to test it out for awhile to see if I really really dig it, which I think I may.  I feel like this fall I need to go through all of my social media sites and kind of pair down.  I think this site might be a keeper, as well of course my Pinterest, my blog, and my twitter.  But over the years I've tested and dumped so many sites that I just don't have the time to play around on like tumblr or trying to maintain a facebook page.  It's definitely difficult sometimes to figure out what to keep using for personal use or for business or whether to just ditch it because it's a waste of time.  There are so many social media sites nowadays that I could easily spend all my time on all of them and never actual work... which is so pointless if using social media is meant to promote you and your business and you don't have time to make anything to promote! Ha!

I know that a lot of people try to add me on my personal facebook account.  And I apologize to any of you who may have tried to add me but I didn't respond.  I get a lot of spam fake people trying to add me everyday and I end up just ignoring my friend requests because of it.  And though I do love my blogging community, I still feel weird adding most blog acquaintances on Facebook because I just feel like my personal life is much more apparent on Facebook and I'd rather keep my blog/twitter/social media world separate from my personal life.  Do you know what I mean?  I try to keep my more personal conversations to just facebook, and more specifically facebook messages (hi privacy!) where I only add people that I truly know in real life.  So if you've tried adding me, I'm sorry!  I only add good friends that I know in person.  It just feels weird knowing that strangers I've never met can read my conversations with family and close friends on Facebook if I add them.  We all need a little bit of privacy even if we are all a bit addicted to social media ;)


megan said...

I had a Twitter and a Pinterest up until a couple of months ago, when after some consideration I deleted both. Twitter, to me, is unnecessary as I have Facebook and my blog to share thoughts, images, inspirations. I liked Pinterest, but in the end it was just another social media site for me to have to maintain. Because when was I truly going to use those images I'd so carefully pinned for inspiration? It's a lovely release to only have Facebook and my blog, now!

Allie said...

I tried out Boutine... I wish they had more products, but I'm sure they'll get more as they get more popular. I still love using Polyvore. I also love Svpply. It's really helpful and addicting :) Here's a board I just made on Boutine https://www.boutine.com/collections/endless-summer?social=true

Angie Bailey said...

I'm a huge Polyvore creator, I love making sets (and I've been doing so since 2010, holy moses!) You can see my sets here: http://angiebailey13.polyvore.com/

As for Boutine, it's definitely worth a try. I like some features, dislike others and am hoping for more. It's another fashion creation site, though, so I'll become addicted. Here's my first little practice set: https://www.boutine.com/collections/modern-day-edge?social=true

Also, I know what you mean about Facebook. I have one FB for my mother-in-law, sisters, dad, Aunt and other family and than my blog one. I'm mostly on my blog one. ;P

{just.lovely.things} said...

Although I have a million things to keep up with, I just bookmarked this to check out (thanks!!). I totally know what you mean about having a little socializing to yourself and your personal life. I actually ended up deleting my personal facebook last year only to avoid drama from living in a small town. When I first decided to start cleaning up my friends list, I had people get mad at me for deleting them. I felt bad, but the stress of it all was too much.

So now I just use texting, phone calls and (as much as I can) real life connections to those I hold close! You have to set boundaries, so kudos for keeping a few things to yourself. xo