Nesting Dreams.

Right now I am dreaming about the perfect sofa.  It's amazing how moving in with your boyfriend can turn you ridiculously nesting crazy :)  As a 26 year old lady/girl/woman I feel like I am finally reaching a stage where I am dreaming of settling in rather than dreaming of adventures elsewhere.  I'm excited about the quiet adventures of building relationships with people I love, enjoying the little moments at home, being contented, genuinely happy and thankful for the smaller accomplishments as well as the big ones.  And investing and creating a place that truly feels like home is one of those quiet adventures that I am talking about.
At the moment I am debating whether to just get a boring ol' slip cover for our outdated patterned couch or take on the giant task of sewing a slip cover for it.  As you can tell from the sofas above, I love a modern rectangular minimalist couch with a lovely neutral toned material.  I can't turn the style of our current couch into an entirely new shape but I can at least cover it in a material that I love.  And right now that dream material would be a thick dark grey material with lots of texture like the #4 sofa above.  Have any of you ever sewed a slip cover for your couch?  Have any tips?

Top photo:  thrive  1.  ikea  2.  urban outfitters  3.  ikea  4.   urban outfitters


JenetteD said...

you should check out cb2.com (Crate & Barrel's little buddy)! Happy nesting!

amanda said...

I totally have that gray ikea couch and I love it! The fabric is sturdy and it can be washed pretty easily. My best friend went and bought the same one, and now my boyfriend wants one too. ha!

stephanie said...

i'm in love with grey sofas, there's something perfect about them for every themed room

one of my friends tried to sew a slip cover and it was a huge disaster - so she had to buy one for $100, but maybe she didn't have a pattern or something?

good luck, happy shopping!

xx stephanie


Angie Bailey said...

I love number 3! Jen and I have had a futon ever since I moved in, back in 2007, so we decided we'd go with chairs instead for our room makeover! I think you know, but if not, we live in her childhood bedroom which is 86 square feet, so we try to maximize the space! We bought teal "popcorn" chairs from Target and oh man, are they comfy!!! Teal will also go with our room theme, which will be white, lavender and dashes of hot pink!

Gae said...

These SO remind me of the house I grew up in in Claremont! Grey & Black with Coral arm-less side chairs, polished black side tables, grey twill carpet and black TV/Stereo table made by my dad. All minimalist with Chinoiserie accents that I had to dust as a kid!

Anna Zimmerman said...

Man, those are all nice! Good luck with your new space.

Johanna said...

Oh gosh, I am in LOVE with the first couch! I was even more thrilled when I clicked the link and discovered that it comes in so many gorgeous colors. Couch lust.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

WOW love that first couch. Want it.

We have that first grey Ikea couch minus the hide-a-bed..which I love, but the cushions slip down all the time and that kinda gets annoying. If it was more than just an ikea couch I would be more annoyed and be mad I bought it, like if I payed good money for it. I wouldn't want it to be my couch for more than the 2 years we just need it for.