The Siren's Crown

Hello, what?  This flower crown by Brittany Watson Jepsen is perfection. 
My friends Jess and Josh got married this summer and this crown would have fit perfectly into their wedding.  At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, a few of the girls in the wedding party walked down the aisle singing A Capella, wearing long flowing pale colored dresses with one of a kind floral headpieces that each of them made to suit their own style.  They were called "the sirens" of the wedding party.  So magical. 
Etsy featured this crown as a wedding DIY.  Go check it out and create your own siren crown.


Nessbow said...

Oh my gosh, this is too gorgeous for words.

Kacie said...

So beautiful! That is completely stunning.


Krystal said...

that's a great idea for a wedding!