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I have been obsessed with Beetle & Flor for years.  I can't remember when exactly I stumbled upon their Etsy shop but I remember flipping out because I was so in love with their porcelain skulls.  Some may think they are kind of creeepy, a variety of porcelain animal skulls with gold plated teeth, but to me they are perfection.
Back in college in 2008, I was nannying for this family who had the raddest taste in home decor.  And in their living room was a collection of beautiful porcelain objects, some fruit and a pair of scissors.  They also have 2 little porcelain deer heads mounted on their walls that I thought were adorable.  That's probably what began my love affair with modern porcelain objects, pieces that were smooth, delicate, and a tad bit cheeky.  And when I found Beetle & Flor, it was like all of my favorite things just exploded in one perfect object.
My dad has a room in my parents house that he calls the drawing room.   There are lots of quirky, strange and magical seeming to me objects in the room that I'm obsessed with: obelisks, strange antlers from this or that weird animal, beautiful crystal decanters, a collection of fencing swords and walking sticks, an old heavy wooden dining room table that is covered in letters from special people in my dad's life stored under a glass table top.  I know my dad's quirky aesthetic has effected my own in many ways and I'd say that the icon of my taste is pretty much summed up in a porcelain animal skull with gold plated teeth.  A little weird, almost creepy but beautiful, clean, nature inspired but updated in a modern way, a bit of an edge but with a touch of femininity. 

All that being said, I have wanted one of these porcelain skulls for years but I could never justify buying one.  But as per usual, I was trolling Fab.com yesterday and discovered they were on sale on the site for the next 5 days!  I decided now is the time to take the dive and get my most favorite object in the whole world.  This crazy porcelain beaver skull with gold plated teeth.  I'm in heaven.

Beetle & Flor 


he calls me wifey said...

oh my goodness i need one.
my husband might differ quite a bit from me on this one, but oh man i want i want i want!

Monika Berry said...

I love fake animal heads. We bought a poreclain rhino head for our dining area and also a yarn moosehead. They look great toegther (in fact I posted about them on Monday!) - Go for it and get one. Which one will you get?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I like it. Seems totally you, like you said.

Congrats on getting it on sale!

Kate said...

I bought the skunk jaw pendant and was sadly really disappointed with it.