My Journey with Blogging & How Things Need to Change

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This summer, I've really been feeling a need to change things on my blog.  I need to reignite my voice in this space.  Let me explain and take it back to the beginning. Bear with me as I get real, get vulnerable, and explain the last few years...

I have been blogging for YEARS and years.  I think my first blog was early in high school on Xanga, circa maybe 2001, and then I switched to Live Journal somewhere between the beginning of high school and the end.  Live Journal greeted me at the height of my emo years.  I wish I could kick myself for deleting it because I would love to be able to laugh at my younger self a little bit more :) And then I think I started blogging on Blogger sometime in 2007.  And here I am today, September of 2012, still blogging.

When I started blogging a bazillion years ago, I was a hormonal lonely teenager who was pretty dang depressed and needed a space to just vent, most of that venting being about boys, loneliness, and not feeling in control of my life.  Oh teenagers.  Once I reached college, blogging on Blogger was still a space for me to vent but about more serious things like "what will I do with my future?" or writing about the death of one of my friends during college.  I really needed to write to get out of my head, to bounce ideas off of others, to heal, to find connections through written words when I couldn't find them in the mess of my mind.  It became a sort of therapy for me and I wasn't worried about who was reading it because only a few people read my blog at the time.  And those who did comment were extremely kind and thoughtful with their words.

Back then, my blog was called The Rumination Room.  It was a space for me to just write freely, to hash out ideas, to simply ruminate on the complications and beautiful sides of life.  And I loved it.  On top of that, I also started using it as a place to document what I was working on in school.  I was a Studio Art major with an emphasis in Illustration and it was fun for me to get to see images of all of my work in one space along with written explanations of what I was working on, what the inspiration was, and why I did or didn't like it.

I was working as an artist's assistant to a sculptor during the end of college and was inspired to start making jewelry, thinking of them as little mini sculptures and started my Etsy shop with a boyfriend at the time.  I designed the pieces, he carved them out of wood, and I put them all together.  Our relationship only last a few months and, let's be real here, I got dumped 2 weeks before my Senior Art Show and felt pretty heart broken which resulted in me putting the Etsy shop on hold and feeling like my Senior Show was complete crap after I had been SO excited working towards it for all of college.  I was a perfectionist.  Now that I can look back on it, I'll say it was only half crap.  It was half my best and half emotional watercolor barf on paper.  C'est la Vie!

Once college was over, my blog became a new space of experimentation.  I wanted to pursue Illustration as a career and I thought, hey, maybe I can use my blog as a space for me to motivate myself to create new art.  I tried doing Illustration Fridays but I lost steam pretty quickly.  I tried coming up with inspiration for an Illustration shop on Etsy but I felt like my style was still too all over the place and I still felt a tinge of hurt from my ex and the connection to Etsy.  At the same time I was still hashing out a lot of things internally and was using the blog as a place to create dialogue with my inner quandaries.  So my blog was still a bit of a mixture of things, very personal, open, and LONG posts about introversion, emotional barf, and art.  Let me remind you as well that during this time I was nannying, working as an artist's assistant, had a LOT more free time than I do now, didn't have a boyfriend, was basically eating spaghetti every night because I had no money, but also wasn't stressed about money because my only expenses were food, rent, and that's basically it.  the dreaded college loan re-payments hadn't kicked in yet...

But a little less than a year after I graduated from college (I graduated in 2009 with a BA in Illustration), I still had my heart set on re-starting my Etsy shop.  So in the Winter/Spring of 2010, I decided to take the Indie Business class put on by Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest and Jill from Lune, featuring Elsie from A Beautiful Mess as that years guest teacher.  One of my favorite friends I had met through blogging in college was Kyla from Kyla Roma and she was taking the Indie Biz Class too that year!  At the same time I had experimented with learning some basic html, was figuring out how to re-design my blog by myself, and I was using my illustration in my designs for my blog.  I began falling in love with basic web design for blogs, using my illustration work as a way to differentiate my blogs look from others.  Through Indie Biz, I started feeling more empowered to start up my Etsy shop again and I finally chose to start making jewelry that I truly loved, not what I thought would sell to Etsy folk or bloggers.  Once I threw out the "Put A Bird On It" styling and the bows and flowers and started using motifs I ACTUALLY liked, but weren't popular at the time, that is when things started to sell in my shop.  My confidence was growing.

A few months after the Indie Biz class was done, Kyla was hired on as Freckled Nest's first employee and within a month or two, Leigh Ann invited me to also work for Freckled Nest designing blogs!  I was so thrilled and committed to 2 years with them.  And in those two years, so much as changed.
I think once I started designing blogs and started actually doing well on Etsy, that's when blogging began to change for me.  No longer was it this place for me to vent, I needed to start presenting a more respectable face of myself in the blog world.  I was transitioning out of that vulnerable and questioning college girl and into a woman who had gotten 2 new chances to pursue her dream careers.  When it came to personal blogging, I began talking about my new transitions and how it felt, about the struggles and the excitement.  I started getting tons of new followers, new sales in my shop, new blog friends, new blog design clients.  Everything was just suddenly taking off.

A few months after I started blog designing, I finally quit nannying and working as an artists assistant.  I became a full time blog designer and jewelry business owner and designer.  And around that same time, my long distance boyfriend of 8 months moved to Seattle.  Such a happy day :) Everything was changing, everything felt dramatic and exciting and I felt like I had SO much to blog about, new jobs, new love, new life here in Seattle.  I was blogging 7-10 times a week!  I was getting tons of new followers, new friends, I was on a high and I couldn't get enough of blogging.  I was getting barely ANY sleep, maybe 5 hours a night.

And at some point over the past 2 years... I just couldn't keep up with everything.  I couldn't post 7-10 times a week, I needed rest, and I started to really feel the pressure of representing a brand on the web.  At some point I couldn't keep writing really personal posts anymore.  My best friends moved away about 2 years ago and my personal life felt very small.  It's honestly taken me 2 years to figure that aspect of life out again.  I stopped blogging about personal relationship sorts of stuff because my besties were gone and I felt awkward talking about my boyfriend on the web.  I still don't feel comfortable blabbing about him on the web because, when it comes to that aspect of live, I hold it as very sacred and I'm very private.  Relationships to me feel very private, but many of my internal quandaries are things that I'd like to keep sharing on my blog, but for some reason held back on over the past two years.

Over the past 2 years, I have had some great business advice.  But some of it has made me feel squashed in revealing who I am on the web.  I've had multiple wise people tell me that as a business woman, as someone representing brands on the web, I needed to watch my words on my blog.  I started to feel like I couldn't fully say what I wanted to say and I started to feel a lot of pressure from the blogging community to blog in a certain way.  I noticed how all of these successful women on the web just talked about how happy and fun and cute their lives were, rarely getting vulnerable about the wider balance of life.  I felt like to be a successful designer, I couldn't speak in my truest voice, the naturally very honest Moorea.  To me, sometimes just darting around subjects feels like being false.  Just portraying the happy fun side of life feels false.  Man, the past 2 years have been HARD but I was scared to get really raw on my blog about all of it.  Project success and you will receive it, I've heard wise business women say.  Sometimes that can be encouraging to oneself, but to me, other times it can feel fake.  I'm still learning the balance.

Where are we now you may ask? 
Right now, I feel like I'm on the verge of entering a new front.  Things are going to be changing a lot in the next month or so.  It's time to reassess, to re-evaluate what I can and can't do.  I'm thinking more and more about what I truly want to invest in and what I need to say goodbye to.  I'm 26, but I'm feeling old.  I used to be able to spend hours and hours blogging a few years ago, staying up till 3 or 4am every night juggling all of my work.  But nowadays, I go to bed by midnight and that is a rule! :)  And you know what?  I feel healthier because of it.  I'm craving structure.  And with that base of structure, I think I will feel more free to be expressive on my blog, more honest, more vulnerable, more real.

I'm not just a business woman.  I am a woman, a complex human with thoughts, questions, emotions, things to talk about.  I don't want to maintain a blog just because it's good for my brand.  That is not why I started blogging.  I don't want to just post because I feel the pressure of the blogging community telling me to do so.  I want to blog because I love writing, I love thinking, I like pretty things like shoes, jewelry, and clothes and I will post about those, but that is not all I care about.  I care about relationships.  I care about asking questions, getting deeper, challenging one another, pushing buttons and progressing.

This is what I am craving.  Pairing things down, really focusing on what matters to me, sharing what matters, sharing what I love and brings me joy, being honest about the hard things, relating to others, creating a warm, inviting and honest space, loving those around me, being empowering, being passionate and vulnerable, being real.  These are the things that I want my blog to be centered around, and it always was centered around these things but was more quite.  I'm ready to get loud.

I've always been me, been real on my blog.  But sometimes we just have moments where we fade a little, where we lose inspiration, fall off track, get confused by distractions, assume what is right for others is right for us.  What is right for others may sometimes be right for me, but at the moment, I'm craving change.  And I am going to make it happen.  Expect change here.  I am excited to more fully pursue what feels most true to me in this space and I hope that in turn it brings inspiration and encouragement for you.
I'm back baby.


Hanna said...

Sigh..I don't even know what to say, but I felt the need to say something. Thank you for this post, for opening up, for sharing your story! I loved reading it and I will be looking forward to the changes you have planned.

I think you are wise to follow your need of change. I've found that the best things in life evolve from just these kinds of feelings.

Sarah Evans said...

I'm all for it. Throw out the rule book and blog for yourself!

I can't wait to see where the wind takes you next :)


Liz said...

*standing ovation* Well-said! I too, have been doing a lot of thinking about the voice/direction of my online spaces.

I love you, your spirit and your blog. I can't wait to witness your next chapter!

Sarah Rooftops said...

I've heard all the arguments for keeping your blog impersonal if you run a business... and I absolutely believe a blog, particularly a business blog, is not the place to bitch about clients/customers/people who contact you... but personally I feel more connected to artists who are more open and honest on their blogs and that makes me more likely to buy from them. There are no hard and fast rules for what does and does not work, so blog however you please - some people will love it, some people won't, but your blog can be whatever you want it to be.

I'm looking forward to seeing what changes you make.

Eve Myers said...

Can't wait to see the real Moorea again! I love real-life bloggers. People I can relate to.

kelly ann said...

This is totally something I'm struggling with right now. I'm doing a million different things, and while my blog is really important to me, it's been completely neglected the last couple of months. I'm having such a hard time figuring out a schedule/routine/structure that is right for me. I think maybe the free spirit in me is resisting structure ;), while the oldest child/responsible side of me craves it. I think what I'm realizing, though, is that I can't do it all in one day. I came home from vacation and my inbox was a total nightmare and it made me go into major panic mode - but I realized that I can't read/respond to them all in one day, and that's ok. I'm not a failure, and (most) people will understand. This whole working-for-myself thing is such a learning process that takes a lot of time and trial-and-error. And it's always nice to know that I'm not alone in this!

I've always strived to be genuine and real on my blog, and I so miss that. I miss sharing and connecting. I can't wait to get back to that! Thanks for this, sweet friend. <3

Malen said...

Thanks for being such an honest, impassioned example for all of us embarking on unique professional paths. I often read my favorite blogs, wondering how these young women do it. How do they balance their personal lives, create unique products, finance their endeavors and feel sane all at the same time?! These awesome bloggers and indie business owners often make me feel less capable because I can't see their struggles or really relate to them.

You provide a sense of clarity and a balance to the general story and voice out there. I'm struggling with balance right now as I transition into my own small business and it's scary! Sleep, exercise and 'technology breaks' are the biggest healing aids in my quest to find balance. I respect your platform to tell your own story in your own voice without fear or apprehension. Shine On!!

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

I love this post Moorea. Although I'm fairly new to blogging (not quite 2 years), I've experienced many evolutions and periods of reevaluation as a business owner over the years. My 20s were actually pretty straight forward - I was a fashion designer, and my label did well. But as I entered my 30s, I went through some very serious life changes - and also watched the economy crash. Eventually I was forced to make changes, one of which was starting side businesses in addition to my clothing company so that I could pay my bills. I also decided to start my blog, although at the time, it was mainly to promote my companies. It became quite overwhelming. It is also true that you have to be very careful about the type of persona you portray when you're name is attached to a brand. But I've learned that there has to be a limit (at least for me). I spent all of my 20s and the beginning of my 30s completely career obsessed. Then something changed. I've taken a huge step away from my workaholism, my need to feel defined by my career, and my immense caution when it came to how I was viewed by potential customers online. The things I never cared about before (getting married and/or investing in a life long relationship, enjoying time at home, starting a family) are incredibly important to me now. I didn't make the conscious decision to have a priority shift - it just happened. I still feel overwhelmed and have trouble balancing my time at times, but the guilt is gone when it comes to my jobs. I focus on what I'm able to focus on, and I do my best to enjoy it instead of feeling crushed by it. I also feel much more comfortable being genuine in my online presence.

You are immensely talented and a really great person. I love that you want to get back into telling your story more often, and I know that you'll continue to do great things my friend. :)


kate gabrielle said...

Good for you!! I can't wait to read your new posts :)

I've only been blogging since 2009, but on my old blog I used to feel a lot more comfortable saying whatever was on my mind, whereas now with my current blog I'm a lot more closed up and censored. Since I'm a business owner that's part of it for me, too, but it's more about internet trolls. I'm SO sensitive (like, embarrassingly sensitive) and even the slightest offhanded remark sets me in tears so I've learned to be really guarded about what I share online. If I don't share anything really personal, nobody can hurt me. It makes my blog one of those "happy-only-zones" unfortunately, but for me it's really a defense mechanism over comment-triggered nervous breakdowns :( I think the only time I ever get real is when my cats are sick or when I'm really over-tired, because it affects my ability to blog regularly and I want to explain why. Otherwise I'm pretty tight-lipped.

Also I'm turning 26 in a little over a month and I feel so old too! What happened to us? lol! It's depressing! I swear I could easily just turn into one of the grandparents in Willy Wonka at this point, with the amount of time I want to spend in bed.

Anyway, lots and lots of luck and hugs xoxo

Emily said...

This is such a great post, Moorea. Thank you for being honest and open. I am new-ish to blogging and mainly do it to document my life at the moment, as well as attempt to network with people. It gets frustrating to see so many women talking about the cute and perfect side of life, all the time, especially when that doesn't necessarily coincide with my life or how I want to present myself online. (Some of us are sarcastic at times, and it this whole "blogging" world makes it seem like being sarcastic online automatically makes you into a snarky person! Yeeesh.) Anyways, I have always loved your online voice, and I am so happy to see you write this post. I am happy for you that you are ready and wanting to get back into telling more of "your" story again!

sarah bear said...

Love this! I appreciate you sharing the story of your journey & for committing to being yourself on your blog; the truest, most authentic blogs are always the best reads - Bravo! :)

Fiona said...

Good for you for making this choice. Blogging, for people running a business alongside, seems to be a really tricky issue - and everyone's choice is valid. It's just really nice to see you making a decision you're genuinely happy with. I'm really looking forward to seeing the shift, and getting to know the woman behind the amazing designs!

Anonymous said...

'nuff said.

Kara said...

I've been blogging regularly since 2008 or so and I feel like I've seen the blogging trends come and go. I remember for a couple years everyone was CRAZY into branding, building business, nabbing sponsors, doing 100 things and still trying to keep up with the blog. Many of my favorite bloggers have also thrown out that crazy pressure and started blogging for themselves again. Which I LOVE. I've always written my own simply 'cause I love it, and here I am, 4 years later, still loving it :)

Can't wait to see what you have in store!!

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful and encouraging and inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your heart here!
xo Alanna

a day with kate said...

I loved reading this, Moorea. I remember when I somehow discovered The Rumination Room a couple years ago... I was so inspired that there was a girl from SPU just doing her thing and selling jewelry on Etsy! I've always enjoyed reading what you have to say, but I'm so glad you've gotten to this point and are just going to write about what you WANT. love it.

RHRamstedt said...

You're a gem, Moorea!

eef said...

I loved reading about your blogging "history"! So fun... I think my LiveJournal is still live somewhere. Oh dear... haha

I had been blogging for my business, but it's exhausting trying to portray only half of a story. I don't think that it's every appropriate to badmouth clients on a blog, but I don't think it hurts to share what you learn from your experiences!

Can't wait to see what changes you make!

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

This was such an amazing post to read! You've been on an amazing journey so far! This was really inspiring. I feel change needed in my own life is well. Thanks for sharing your story!

Deanna said...

Aw, Moorea, this was so sweet. I laughed when you said you were emo in Highschool! That was totally me in middle school/freshman year. I'm always so inspired by your blog and your honesty, can't wait to see these changes.

xo. Deanna

Roots and Feathers said...

moorea, i love you, and im so happy you are coming home in a sense. i too have always heard from successful bloggers that you need to represent a front, not be personal.... but i have never felt a connection with that. it does feel fake to me. and i have learned that people really do care and enjoy to read about the not so pretty stuff too. it makes them relate to you more and not feel like you are something they can never be. i do think this subject is a personal opinion and will be different for everyone. but im so personally happy you are going this route b/c its what i love to read. you know i love those shoes just as much as you baby, but i love your mind even more. so much more. yes yes yes. im here along side you!

Kacie said...

Good for you! I recently decided also to simplify and slow down (in life and blogging) and it's been life-changing. You can read my thoughts here if you'd like to... http://acollectionofpassions.com/blog/simplify

Good luck!


hannah. said...

Hi Moorea - For some reason, your blog stopped showing up on my reader so I "re-found" it so to speak. What a perfect post to come back to! As a a pretty raw person myself, I sometimes get sick of opening up blog posts and seeing everything perfectly placed, spaced, color-coded, etc...not one hair out of place. I tend to skip right over them. Life is not perfect - it's pretty much sh*t sometimes and where I relate to bloggers is in THAT space. I crave rawness, honesty, freak outs, breakdowns, etc. when I'm reading about the folks I have had the honor of stumbling upon on the internet. I'm SO happy I found you again...and look forward to catching up and seeing more. Thank you immensely for your honesty...as a reader, I so appreciate it. P.S. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new digs decor!!

hannah. said...
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Chanel Jibal said...

Looking forward to your brand new content. I LOVE blogs that get personal :)

Lesley Jean said...

I loved this. I am fairly new to my blogger blog and it's been way different than any of my past blogging endeavors. (I, too, used to majorly spill my guts as a form of therapy.) I'm also in a different place in life, run an Etsy & mobile business, and subsequently would really like to keep growing professionally. I've gotten the same branding advice and its tough. I sometimes don't blog for days on end because I don't have anything positive to say. Sometimes I spend a whole week inside in pajamas or leggings with my hair up washing and steaming vintage clothes. I haven't showered, let alone took the time to put on a cute outfit or make up for an ootd post. I will be struggling for money or companionship and don't want to mention that. No lonely in the shiny new blogosphere. Only the happy bits! Only the successes! Sometimes the successes aren't enough to keep a blog afloat or even my heart, you know? Life is so many things and it isn't always lovely. I commend you for telling your truth and deciding to go in the way that feels most comfortable to you.

PS Got the shoes from your instagram sale and love theeeem! Maybe I'll put them on with something other than my jammies soon. ;)

Krystal said...

thanks for sharing, this was great to read! i think the more real you are and the more yourself you are on your blog, the more you will get out of it. i think if people don't appreciate the real you they are not worth having read your blog or be a fan of your work....and on the flipside, if you feel like you are blogging for other people's standards it's definitely a false way to be living that won't bring your happiness. some of my favorite bloggers are quirky and totally themselves. the kind you are describing "happy about EVERYTHING" etc...are the ones i end up avoiding over the long run!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Moorea.

I am embarking on a quest of my own, opening up my jewelry business and exploring Etsy. I have felt discouraged and a bit frustrated that Etsy is taking a bit to get up and running, but you have given me some confidence and patience through sharing your experience.

I look up to you and what you have done to get where you are. Thank you for being honest, raw, and REAL. That is hard to come by, especially when someone that is green in this industry is searching for inspiration. You are inspiring.

I hope this change is everything you strive for it to be and I can't say this enough: THANK YOU! <3

Savannah Wallace said...

Beautiful! --- I love and respect your work so much. I can't wait to watch you on this journey. :) Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Rachel Reeves said...

I have been blogging for years and had to make a change. At first I felt guilty for this but have since realized that change is good. It means you are growing and moving forward.
I anticipate your change and am excited for it!

Anonymous said...

'We have moments where we fade a little' - this kind of sums up where I am in life right now and how I feel.

Moorea, I loved reading this post and its made a smile come to my face because I now know I'm not the only person who has struggled with these things.

I'd like you to know that the one main thing that has kept me coming back to this blog since its very beginning is how personal you get with us readers. Most blogs portray that everything about the bloggers life is cute and perfect, but you don't. You show us that you're a real woman with real vulnerability, like us. That's what is so inspiring about you and it's what makes you different.

I have a lot of re-evaluating to do soon too. I just quit my day job to continue as a freelance graphic designer, but full time. Its scary, but knowing that you and women like you have done it and succeeded gives me confidence.


Angie Bailey said...

YAY! So excited for you, lady. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you and I wish you the best!!
Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

Kim said...

Moorea, I'm excited for you! To be honest, I get a little tired of the bloggers who only show their cute/fun side. Like you said it feels fake to you to write like that, it feels fake to me when I'm reading it. I respect your honesty and think that you being real is much more interesting and allows readers to connect with you more. I've been reading your blog for over a year now, and I'm excited to see what changes are coming! All the best :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely post, Moorea- I've been going through such a similer journey with my blog and business, and it's incredibly hard to manage what to share, how to share it, and when to write all those posts! I'm glad that you're finding your way and being honest about your journey! While there's lots out there about not sharing yourself, I'm a firm believer that there's no one way to be successful, and what's natural and right for one person isn't natural and right for another. Keep working to figure it out and you'll find your way! :)

Bohemian Kate said...

I absolutely love your honesty. Blogging isn't just about business, it's about sharing. I get bored when all I see on a blog is how perfect someone's life is just so they can promote their "brand". I wish I could get up in the morning, decorate all day for my new home, go on weekend trips with my cute adorable family and take the most perfect photos, lol. Come on, we all know that just isn't true. Not saying I need to hear all about the drags of every day life, but it's about showing that human side that we all can relate to. That's what I've seen on your blog and your twitter feed and I love that! That fact that you are not only a business woman, but also creative honest human being is what draws me to your blog. So keep it up, get loud! Btw, 26 is so not old. I'm almost 33 and I reminisce about my younger days of being 25 and 26. Honestly, I still feel 25 in my head so I tell myself I'm still that age, it's all about perspective ;-)

Andrea Carpenter said...

first of all i just want to say how i absolutely loved reading this. getting the chance to learn more about your history as a blogger (woah zanga and livejournal, i definitely had those and mine were totally similar to yours! emotional vomit, for real) and as a jewelry designer.

there is one thing in particular that has been on my heart a lot when it comes to the blogging world and it's that i feel so sad when i think about how much of the blogging community is so much like high school. there are the popular blogs, who look down at the lowly bloggers, there are the VERY FEW popular bloggers (like you and kelly ann, for instance) who are amazingly sweet and kind and care about their readers, and then there are the ones (like me) who really love blogging, but sometimes feel like i don't measure up and because i only have a couple hundred followers, my voice doesn't matter and i'm not cool enough.
there are so many bloggers out there who are projecting a way of life that is so unrealistic. while their blogs are awesome, they make you feel like you have to be pretty, dress fashionably, be artistic, make things and sell them on etsy, have an amazing job, an amazing boyfriend/husband, amazing kids, cook amazing meals, and their family looks amazing while doing it. they don't show us the hard parts of their lives and that makes the rest of us feel like we're not good enough (obviously i'm excluding you from that group because i really don't see you that way).

anyway that was a lot to say to explain that you really touched me when you wrote, "I noticed how all of these successful women on the web just talked about how happy and fun and cute their lives were, rarely getting vulnerable about the wider balance of life. I felt like to be a successful designer, I couldn't speak in my truest voice, the naturally very honest Moorea. To me, sometimes just darting around subjects feels like being false. Just portraying the happy fun side of life feels false. Man, the past 2 years have been HARD but I was scared to get really raw on my blog about all of it. Project success and you will receive it, I've heard wise business women say. Sometimes that can be encouraging to oneself, but to me, other times it can feel fake."

and also, "I'm not just a business woman. I am a woman, a complex human with thoughts, questions, emotions, things to talk about. I don't want to maintain a blog just because it's good for my brand. That is not why I started blogging. I don't want to just post because I feel the pressure of the blogging community telling me to do so. I want to blog because I love writing, I love thinking, I like pretty things like shoes, jewelry, and clothes and I will post about those, but that is not all I care about. I care about relationships. I care about asking questions, getting deeper, challenging one another, pushing buttons and progressing."

GIRLFRIEND, THANK YOU. just, thank you.
i've been wanting to share my feelings on my blog about all of that, but then i fear that i will lose some of the few followers that i have... but then i think, "Why do I care?!?"

ugh. balance. that's what it's about and i'm so excited to see the changes that will be coming from you and your blog. thank you so much for being such an inspiring blogger who is genuine and kind and loving to your readers and freaking talented to boot! i love your space.

and thanks for letting me ramble.
andrea >> he calls me wifey

Coming Home Soon said...

abso-bloody-lutely! You have a new follower in me, if your blog is going to be about honesty. Flowery/cutesy/fake stories about perfect lives really dont appeal to me...so fingers crossed over here! :)
Loved this article, thanks

Louise xo

Rachael said...

I just wanted to say that I think it's awesome that you spoke so real on this post. That's totally awesome, and you should do whatever you need in your life, and through your blog or wherever, and do whatever makes you happy.

Becky | lifestyleflash.com said...

I've been following you on Pinterest for months now but just this morning it occurred to me that I hadn't checked if you have a blog - I'm so glad I did!

Not only is this post honest and refreshing, but it's been a great introduction to you! It sounds like I'm going to love your blog and where you plan to take it. I can't wait to join you on your new, re-focussed adventure! All the best with it :)

Jenni Bost said...

Lovely post. I started way back when with a Xanga too (it is still up, embarrassing poetry and all). I look forward to see what you are bringing next and how the new found balance and control will enhance your blog!

Melissa said...

This is such a fantastic post! Writing for yourself and what you believe in first and foremost is so important. Good for you for taking some time to reflect and taking the time to figure out exactly how to feel good about blogging again.

Miranda said...

I just popped over here from Hue & Hum and am so happy to be here! I relate to the blogging journey (though in the 6 years I've been blogging, mine hasn't ever seen enormous growth, for better or for worse:) It's crazy to look back at old posts and see how differently I shared my life before I started thinking of myself as a "blogger" and trying to do some of the things that "bloggers" do! I'm excited to follow along and learn more about you and your journey:)

onetenzeroseven said...

Gosh, I needed to hear these words so, so much. You talk about so much of what I'm feeling right now and have been for a while. This, THIS is why you shouldn't - we shouldn't - feel pressured from the Blogger world to post only how fun and bright and cute our lives are. That isn't life, not really.

It was actually one of your blog posts (the first of yours I ever read) that made me realise that I wanted my blog to be bare and honest and not some projected perfect image of my life. I found comfort in your honest words and I wanted to bring that to others. To my readers.

Thank you, Moorea. I'm so excited to read more from you.


The Gypsy Peacock ~Jewelry said...

thank you for writing that! beautfully said. i am havng my own struggles rght now. i co-own a bead shop weve had for almost 6 years. on the side i have my etsy shop which i strictly my handcrafted jewelry. trying to figure out how to get people to notice you is a struggle on the worldwibe web. sometimes i feel as if im treading water in lfe. work hard daly but sometimes feel im getting nowhere.
you are very inspiring at your young age. thank you kindly!!

linzi said...

This was encouraging moorea :) thanks!

Melanie said...

Moorea, I'm your newest fan, and I think that when artists and writers put themselves into their business that it creates even more loyalty and interest in supporting your work. When I purchase things made by people that I feel like I know (or I actually do know!) it means so much more. Connecting the personal to the business is huge. We're business owners and writers and artists and we're REAL PEOPLE. And that's awesome. xo

Brook said...

It's really interesting to hear about your journey with blogging. I've been blogging since xanga too (I'm a few years younger than you, so I was probably even more outrageous in what I wrote. I did save it and I laugh at my teenage self every now and again), but I've only recently started trying to use blogging as a way to help accomplish goals. I love writing. I am a deep thinker and sometimes I just have to write because my thoughts need expressed and my creativity needs shared. I read plenty of blogs that are all about how happy and fun and cute their lives are, and I worry about not having that style of blog. I know that it's not me, but sometimes I feel like if I were just more fun and cute my art career would just explode and all success would be mine. It will be interesting to see how my journey continues. Perhaps, I will learn from you've shared. Thanks for being authentic.

Moorea Seal said...

Hey Brook!
I checked out your blog and I honestly LOVE what you are doing. Keep going and don't stop. Don't try and force your blog to appear like other people's who seem more successful at the moment. Great artists don't mimic. Sometimes it seems like some bloggers do just duplicate the same ideas as others and they have momentary stardom. But do you want to get attention for being just like someone else, or do you want to fight hard to pave your own way and eventually gain recognition for being truly YOU? Keep going girl. We all go through rough periods, believe me I HAVE and I will again. There is no easy journey when paving your own path, but gosh it is so much more fulfilling going your own way.
lots of love.
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you so much Melanie! I agree with everything you said :) We makers have to stay true to ourselves and have got to work hard for our dreams. And what is special about all of us is that our love is engraved into everything little thing we make. Lots of love.
xo Moorea