Terrarium Bling.

I recently found Meg Myer's shop and I'm in love.  Her terrariums are so amazing. 
My old roommate had so many plants in our apartment and I grew so fond of having such a green space.  Now that I am living with my boyfriend in our new apartment, I've been accumulating more and more plants to fill up the space!  I'm in my living room right and I can spot 11 different plants, mostly succulents.  Please note that my entire apartment is 600 square feet :)
I have 5 tiny little succulents that are in individual tiny little glass pots on a window sill.  Maybe I'll join them all together in my new diamond shaped terrarium from Meg Myers... or more likely I will get more succulents to fill the beautiful new space, heehee.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh those are gorgeous! This really isn't helping me save money ;) I love having green space too, but what with my pets, it's really important to keep the plants I have enclosed so my animals don't eat them and get sick!

Morgue x

Krystal said...

yah i'm a huge fan of these kinds of terrariums!

Olive Green Anna said...

Those are gorgeous casings!


Faith said...

I have never seen a terrarium like this! I am inspired.

he calls me wifey said...

oh jeez. i need this.