This Week...

This week...
  • I finally hung up the beautiful signed Andrew Bird poster that my sweet boyfriend got me over our dining table.  It was illustrated by Frida Clements who is a local Seattle artist.
  • Great tips on how to use Social Media with your blog.
  • I really admire Kathleen from Jeremy & Kathleen.  And I'm really intrigued by her new E-Course on how to shape up your content.
  • I finally changed my license plate from California to Washington.  And I ended up writing a mini novel about how powerful my experience was in moving to Seattle 7 years ago, coming out of depression and choosing to trust myself.  You can read it here.
  • How to properly clean your make up brushes.  I need to do this!
  • I'm a pastry addict.  Must make these galettes!
  • I'm considering changing my hair up a bit.  I'm thinking of cutting it a bit shorter and adding more layers like this.  Of course I'll need to put more effort into actually DOING my hair.  My hair is naturally stick straight but I prefer a more soft, loose waves sort of look.  Alas, I HATE doing my hair so most of the time it's in a pony tail or just down and straight.
  • I also am considering having a subtle ombre, balayage effect added in to my hair.  I don't like a high contrast with ombre hair, but I love a subtle balayage effect like this or this or this.
  • My friend Kris Orlowski has a beautiful new single!  Give it a listen and download it for free here!
  • Thank you to Emma from Emmadime for featuring me in her Lovely Ladies feature!
  • I've been feeling really restless and frustrated lately about plans for my business not going how I wanted them to go this Fall.  So, I decided to put some projects on hold for the next month or two and instead focus on something new and refreshing.  I'm going to be taking a Lost Wax Casting class at Pratt Fine Arts Center.  I've taken 2 other metal smithing classes there that I loved and I'm looking forward to a new jewelry making adventure for Fall!
  • This is my favorite outfit from the week.  Ok, so I basically wore this same outfit all week, mostly just switching up the shirt option...
  • necklace from my shop
  • shirt from oasap.com
  • jeans from nordstrom a million years ago
  • shoes from Sven
  • bag thrifted


Noor said...

I love getting new links to look at, thank you.

You seem really happy and I happy for you <3

she.is.the.one said...

Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :)

Pati Mo said...

love Andrew Bird! That's so awesome that you got a signature from him. Beautiful poster too!