Blog Design // Volatizing the Esters

I realized that I haven't shown you all some of the blog designs I have been working on lately!  So I'll be scattering a few blog design updates over the coming weeks.  At the moment I am all booked when it comes design work until the New Year!  So if you are interested in working with me on a design project be sure to shoot me an email in January.  If you can't wait till then, visit Freckled Nest to see if any of the other designers on our team are available in the next few months.  After 2 amazing years working with the Freckled Nest Design family, I've decided it is time for me to move on to a new chapter, focusing more on my own brand.  I'll have to write a post in the coming weeks devoted purely to how much I have appreciate working with Leigh Ann and Kyla over the past two years because these women have been a huge part of why I have been able to do all that I do (I love you ladies!)  I am just finishing up 2 clients' projects through Freckled Nest right now and after that I will be embarking on a time of focus, reflection, and decision making as to where I want to truly focus my time in the coming year.  I'm excited to see where the changes take me.  I may slow down a bit on working with design clients, but the decision hasn't been made quite yet so stay tuned to see where my artistic journey is headed next.

In the mean time, let's get some updates on the projects I have been working on in recent months.  First up is Volatizing the Esters, a blog run by the ever so lovely Kelly.  Kelly is one creative woman and recent mother of twins.  As her little bio explains, "she is a regular bon vivant.  She is a former show girl, a travel junkie, and a sommelier..."  Her love of wine was the inspiration for the styling of the blog, a space that is fresh, light, a little bit playful and references her sommelier spirit.  The title of her blog "Volatizing the Esters" is a phrase coined by wine writer Lettie Teague and is defined and explained in the little dictionary styled note in the upper right hand side of the blog.  Kelly's life is full of vibrancy and adventure, especially now as she takes the journey of motherhood with playful twins.  So all of these feminine, whirlwind, and beautiful elements of inspiration were taken into accord when designing her blog.  I think my favorite part of her blog is the collection of category buttons down the right hand side.  As soon as I created them I had the itch to redesign my blog completely.  You know you've hit the nail on the head when designing for someone else when the design project inspires you to give your own branding an overhaul!   Hopefully I will have time for that soon :)

Be sure to head over to Kelly's blog to welcome her to her new home on the web.  
I'm so excited to follow her in her new adventure!


Fiona said...

That's a really beautiful design, and her blog looks really interesting and inviting - on my way over to check it out!

Noor said...

This sample is so beautiful I love it. I was thinking you did not do designs anymore :)

Alli said...

Wow, this blog design has me totally weak at the knees! You have done such an incredibly beautiful job on it :)

Alli xx

Yelle said...

I love clever and eye-candy designs! Great work!

Andrea Carpenter said...

gorgeous design. i love it.

Leigh-Ann said...

Love you too Moorea :) Kelly's design is beautiful, I want those buttons do become my home decor, they're so pretty and awesome!

Anthea Lau said...

this is such a delicate and beautiful design! i love the splashes of water colour effects on top :)
And I just checked out your etsy shop - you sell amazing jewellery pieces!

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you Fiona! Kelly is pretty awesome and multi talented. I'm excited to see where her blog goes over time!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Haha, yea I have been crazy busy this summer so much that I kept forgetting to blog about the designs I've been working on! I'll keep posting about them in the coming weeks :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you so much Alli! It was a fun project.

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you! Her blog is definite eye candy with all of the juicy candy colors!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you Andrea! Your pins on pinterest constantly remind me of how similar our taste is :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you LA! Ps, I'm so excited to see the new launch of the FN site!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you Anthea! I checked out your blog and I LOVE your style! Your tattoos are amazing. Let me know if you would ever like to do a giveaway of my jewelry on your blog ;)
xo Moorea