Book Review // Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Before my boyfriend and I went to North Carolina about a week ago, I had just finished The Angels Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  It is a prequel to The Shadow of the Wind, which I loved so much and cried at the end of because I was so sad the story wouldn't be a part of my daily routine anymore!  The Angels Game was good but not as powerful for me as Shadows, but I still liked it.  Once I was finished I had no idea what I wanted to read next.  But while Max and I were in North Carolina, we stopped in a book shop and I decided to get Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, who I love, and I bought 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, who I also love.
Well, I started Me Talk Pretty One Day while we were in North Carolina and I am just blowing through it, I love it so much.  I first heard David Sedaris on This American Life.  His story telling is just so funny and outrageous.  I've seen him speak and read from one of his books at an event in Seattle a few years ago, and I can't believe I have never read one of his books before.  But I think starting this book while I was just a few miles away from David Sedaris' hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, was perfect timing for me to envision his earlier life as a gay 10 year old with a lisp in a loud Greek family, a family transplanted from NY to a Southern country town, son to a computer geek dad, a chain smoking mom, and brother to a bunch of girls and a little brother who ended up becoming the family's only twang speaking foul mouthed country boy.  David, your life is wacky and I love it.

David Sedaris tells absolutely outrageous and hysterical short stories about his life and his family in Me Talk Pretty One Day, as he does with most of his writing.  I've heard him say that most of his stories are true but with a bit of elaboration and dramatization.  Even if every story isn't pure truth, it doesn't matter to me because his story telling is just so great and at the truth behind each ridiculous story is still pretty unique and funny to begin with.  If you have ever seen the equally talented and funny Amy Sedaris, well she is David's sister.  Talk about a quirky and totally entertaining family! 
So, if you are looking for a quick read with a million amazing one liner laughs that leave you giggling for hours, read Me Talk Pretty One Day.  If you are squeamish about references to drugs, sex, and outrageous shenanigans, this book ain't for you.  But if you don't mind that jazz, read this book immediately!


megan said...

yes! first heard of him from 'Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim'. so good!

Kirsty Helen said...

Oh I can't wait to read this - it's on my list. I'm currently reading The Shadow of the Wind and loving it. Prior to that, I read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood which was incredible. Looking forward to the end of semester when I get some "free" reading time! xo

Olive Green Anna said...

Me talk Pretty one day is one of my favorite books ever!

Now I want to read it again!


Melissa said...

David Sedaris is hilarious! I remember reading one of his books when I was on vacation and I just laughed the whole time. He's also a really quirky person to see in interviews, if you ever want to check those out online!

BTW I really like the way you designed my blog button! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally remember this book. I got it and started reading it back in high school (I am about your age, so as you know, that was a long time ago haha) but I don't know if I ever finished. All I could remember of it is the bathroom/toilet story--I think you know of what I am speaking ; ] And then that part was brought up again in my public speaking class in college. I just can't seem to escape that story! But that's ok. It's a constant reminder to read this book, and I really do. It's just sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I'm even more tempted to read it now knowing that you liked it. Thank you for the reminder and review : ]

meandmr.com said...

Newest follower here, I love your blog! I also so book reviews on my blog, so I love finding new recommendations! Thank for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I never knew they were siblings! (I guess I never thought about it..)
I've been curious as to how his books were. I've heard great things but never made the effort to read one.

Rox said...

I totally loved this book.

Earendil said...

he he, funny, i prefered the Angel's game to Shadows but it might be my creepy side... i've never read me talk pretty one day but u made me want to read it! :)