Current books:  Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, Next I'll be moving on to 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

Current guilty pleasure:  Letting myself work from home for half of the day while still in my jammies.  Today is the first day in a LONG time that I don't have any other plans than to work and take some introvert time.

Current color: Mustard yellow 

Current drink: Red red wine

Current food:  Bok Choy.  We got some in our CSA box this week, and our friend made us some delicious bok choy last night.

Current favorite show:  Project Runway.  I'll most definitely be watching the season finally today on Hulu.

Current wish list:  These shoes, These boots, This scarf

Current needs:  Alone time.  I'm such an introvert :)

Current triumphs:  Feeling peaceful, contented, happy.

Current bane of my existence:  I suck at being domestic.  Time to clean the apartment.

Current celebrity crush:  Paul Rudd.  He seems so nice.

Current indulgence:  Soaking up the quiet time.

Current blessing:  So thankful my grandfather and my boyfriend were finally able to meet.

Current slang:  What up?

Current outfit:  Umm... an old T shirt with the name of my hometown on it, pajama shorts and the softest robe.  Yea slow moving morning!

Current excitement:  Excited to take a perfume making class with Allie!

Current mood:  Peaceful

Current link:  I love Kyla's Podcast recommendations.  I spy a few of my favorites and few I need to check out!


Daer0n said...

Omg, the shoes... I love them!

Kelli said...

Cheers to soaking up the quiet time. That is my goal for this weekend as well! xo.

kelly ann said...

I'm in love with Paul Rudd! Funny guys are the best guys :)

Is that Stella McCartney's perfume in the photo? I got a sample of it forever ago - I'm so picky about perfumes, but this one is AMAZING. I finished the sample and kind of want to splurge and get myself a bottle :)

Enjoy your quiet time, pretty lady - xoxo.

Isabel said...

Beautiful picks! Also, defo Paul Rudd even in Clueless.

Angie Bailey said...

Ah!!! A perfume making class?! Jealous!!!

Also, did you make up this list??? May I steal?

Deanna said...

I just bought some mustard yellow tight. Love them. xo. Deanna

Lesley Jean said...

Those boots are beautiful! I only have cheap boots from Target right now and they are pretty much making me sick. :/ I hope I can splurge on even one semi nice pair before it gets too cold! I love the mustard yellow pants, too.

{just.lovely.things} said...

I might have to check out that book... one of my favorite silly books (with good writing) is I was told there'd by cake my Sloane Crosley ohhhh so good! http://www.amazon.com/Was-Told-Thered-Be-Cake/dp/159448306X

Nessbow said...

I'm totally with you on Paul Rudd. He just seems like he'd be such a laid-back dude.

Yelle said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did! Newest follower here :)
Me Talk Pretty One Day is one of my favorite books; I read it while I was in Paris for three weeks so it felt so poignant! And those mustard colored pants? So great!

Alli said...

I have a total mustard yellow fetish on at the moment too. Autumnal colours are the most beautiful <3

Alli xx

Andrea Carpenter said...

david sedaris is one of my favorites and me talk pretty one day gets me every damn time!
oh and paul rudd?? swoon.